The ULTIMATE Back Brace! (great for pain relief and posture correction)

This really is the ultimate brace…

The great thing about this brace is that you don’t have to buy anything or figure out how to hide something hot and uncomfortable thing under your clothes.

In this episode of Core Wellness TV, I show you exactly how to create this internal brace.

In addition, I show you 2 key exercises that can make you instantly feel less pain (definitely in your back and maybe even your shoulders) along with a stronger awareness of your core.

I also share my answer to the question “What exactly IS ‘the core’ anyway”?

It’s a game changer when you really get this!

Please take action on this one and please share it as well. I really appreciate it.

Talk soon,

Dr. Steve

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The Ultimate Back Brace



From Debilitating Back Pain To Front Flips, Unicycles, and 5Ks!


Today I’m excited and nervous because I’ve got something NEW for you that I’ve never done before.

It’s the first ever Core Wellness Case Study interview!

Meet Nancy, a pilot from Greenville, TN who was scared of her debilitating back pain and sciatica that was keeping her up at night and affecting her work.

Now she’s running 5ks, riding unicycles, and doing front flips on the trampoline.

 Check her out!

She is truly inspirational.

Here are a few gems I pulled out from the interview:

  • Conventional treatments based on the insurance model can help for the short term, but when the insurance stops paying…you’re left out in the cold for how to take care of yourself.
  • The KEY to long term change is learning how to move through specific exercise training then applying those new “movement programs” in to everyday life (she used the example of how she used the exercises when she was feeding her horses). 
  • It’s crucial to have strategies to bring yourself “back to center”, when you become aware of yourself being “off center”.  (I LOVE the “weight on wheels” airplane analogy she used to help remind her to get “back on center” when she feels her posture start to draw forward and down.)
  • Food matters…a LOT!  Just making small steps (or BIG steps) toward eliminating gluten and dairy can make you feel years younger and…for women (and men) prevent hormone problems that all your friends seem to be dealing with!

I personally love listening to interviews where real people tell their story of struggle and the decisions they made that led them to an adventure and a journey to victorious results (sounds like Star Wars, doesn’t it?).

It’s worth your time. It’s a small file you can listen to right now on your phone or computer and,of course, you can download it as well.

I especially like her “weight on wheels” trick for keeping her forward posture in check. I’m going to start using that one myself!

Enjoy the interview (It was my first, so be kind :-)

Dr. Steve

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I would love to help you.  I hope to see you on the inside.

P.S.S Nancy didn’t talk about her starting to run 5Ks in the interview, but she talked about it HERE (along with a bunch of other students telling their success stories).


3 Key Health Protection Strategies For The Holidays

Dr. Steve Hoffman

How To Build Your Health Buffer Against Holiday Stress [VIDEO BELOW!]

Today on Core Wellness TV…

3 Holiday Health Protectors so you can lower your stress and “build your buffer” against the mental, physical, and nutritional challenges of Thanksgiving and beyond.

(If you’re not in the U.S.  just think of it as a day to focus more on gratitude!)

And YES…enrollment for the full Core Wellness Training Course and Coaching program is opening on MONDAY, DEC. 1st!  (I’ll be giving you some more free training goodies on Friday so be on the lookout!

Here’s the link to get on the early bird notification list (you’ll get a back door link to have a chance to get some private coaching from me to help you speed up your pain relief, performance, or whatever you need most!)

So on to today’s totally sharable :-) episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get along with everyone and have a peaceful holiday experience!
  • A plate filling strategy that won’t “pick you up and throw you down”!
  • What key supplements to have on hand in case you DO plan on eating a bit too much.
  • TWO simple stress relieving physical exercises that you can share with EVERYONE that will make them happier instantly!

Enjoy and leave me your questions and comments below!  And let me know if YOU have any other strategies for making the holidays healthier!

Resources From This Episode

Your “diagnosis” or “condition” doesn’t matter? (Plus emotional healing lessons from Neil Young)

(As mentioned in the video…Click HERE To Take A Peek Inside the Core Wellness Institute Training Course With The “Should You Treat The Condition Or The Dysfunction” Video. )

This one may be controversial.

After receiving over 100 immediate responses to my email survey I put out last week when I asked…

 “What are you struggling with most with your health right now?”

I literally spent hours combing through all the different “diagnoses” and “conditions” my subscribers responded with.

So in this video, I lay out my philosophy on treating “conditions” and how I approach it in my clinic and online training and coaching program.

(Disclaimer:  there are times with making an accurate diagnosis can be VERY important, but the problem is when we only focus on the labeled condition instead of “getting to the core” that’s created the situation in the first place!)

By the way…I found myself choked up toward the end when I was using Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” lyrics to give you the three most important mental / emotional / spiritual truths that create TRUE healing and transformation.

I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about all this.  I always read every one and respond to as many as I can.


How To Breathe When You Exercise

Should you breathe in or out when you need power? Video Below!

Should you breathe in or out when you need power? Video Below!

As I was editing my Q&A Highlights video for my Core Wellness coaching students, I picked one out to share here on the blog that I think will help a lot of people.

It’s about whether you should breathe in or out when doing an exercise like the lunge or squat or anything that requires power.

Basically, there’s a time for both.  Sometimes you have to brace but you should always be ABLE to breathe functionally during any training activity.

If you have to raise your shoulders and collar bone while you’re in an exercise then you are not ready for that exercise or you are too fatigued and losing your good form.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think or ask me your questions in the comments below.

If you’re interested in getting your individual questions answered like this then you should check out the Core Wellness Training Course and Coaching Program!  If enrollment is not currently open it will be open soon.

[Video Postcard] “Edutainment” Hike – Rainbow Falls, Acid, Ankles, and Anti-Oxidant Water!

Nathaniel Smoky MountainsWhenever I go on vacation, I can’t help but think of how nature and natural ways can teach us so much.

So I recorded some snippets from our adventures at Great Smokies National Park in Gatlinburg, TN for you.

Along with the awesome scenery up the trail, I share:

  • An important stretch for your ankles so you don’t end up with knee, hip, low back, and other upstream pains.
  • The best position for climbing stairs (or mountains).
  • Exactly WHY exposing yourself to moving water (and drinking good water and living foods) acts as powerful antioxidant therapy so you can protect your brain, heart, and every cell in your body!
  • Why a Smoky Mountain stream works just like your kidneys to get rid of acid (and what you can do to get your cells more alkaline and healthy.)
  • Plus some overriding words of wisdom from my 10 year old sidekick (and camera man), Nathaniel. 

Hope you enjoy the hike and learn something along the way.

Now get out and have an adventure!

Dr. Steve

(Leave me your questions and comments below!)