Burn Fat While You Meditate

How to Burn Fat While You Meditate (and a classic movement mistake at the gym)

Yes, the lighting is horrible and there’s classic “gym” background music, but the message is clear for building your fat burning base, calming your nervous system, and “wiring in” good movement patterns before you start to exercise at the gym, in yoga class, Pilates, P90x, or whatever. (This video was downloaded from a Facebook live session on the Core Wellness…

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Chest Stretch Mistake

Fix This Common Chest Stretching Mistake…PLUS “Organic Posture” Tips

This is the most common mistake I see when people do chest stretches that actually creates stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. The video was originally seen on Facebook Live at http://www.facebook.com/corewellnessinstitute so the quality isn’t super HD ūüôā ¬†But can you believe I could actually stream live from the middle of the woods?¬† I’m just constantly amazed…

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stenosis exercise not what you'd think

Key Exercise For Low Back Stenosis (it’s not what you’d expect)

The solution is rarely where the pain is! Mastering the overhead reach can make a HUGE difference. Check it out. (taken from FB live…sorry a little fuzzy and volume’s a little low. ¬†But the message is CRITICAL!) Resource Mentioned In Video: ¬†Step-by-step, deep dive online training and coaching to fix your posture, find your core, and free yourself from pain…

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Total Solar Eclipse Photo 2017

Total Eclipse 2017 – Core Wellness Simple Secret Message For A Healthy Life

Rebecca and I and the boys just got back from spending a couple of days camping with friends for the total solar eclipse along the Cumberland River in Tennessee. ¬†Pretty amazing. And just before totality, I thought about you. ¬† Because as a subscriber, you’re important to me¬†and I wanted to be able to share a cool moment with you….

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Are You In? (Core Wellness Institute “New Vision” Nature Hike)

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Risk and Independence at Hemlock Cliffs

The Risk Factor For True Independence (From Hemlock Cliffs)

Well, we came back with a few scrapes but we all made it back in one piece from our Independence Day adventure at Hemlock Cliffs here¬†in Southern Indiana. All the steep cliffs and¬†slippery rocks certainly posed a risk to the boys and I who went off the beaten path a bit, and Benjamin (our 17 year old) came away with…

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heavy walker

Surprisingly Simple Core Activation Trick – Are You A “Noisy Walker”?

I’ve been meaning to share this interesting core activation trick with you for a while. You’re going to love the simplicity and be surprised at how it makes you automatically engage your core in a natural, reflexive way. All you need is some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds or a quiet room with hardwood floors. Also…I believe it’s the first…

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plant lettuce seeds and chickweed benefits

GardenCast – Posture Lessons From Lettuce Seeds, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, and Chickweed Benefits

Core Wellness GardenCast Lessons including… – key postures to use while gardening to save your spine – how to plant lettuce seed (and how save a ton on buying seeds) – how to identify and harvest chickweed – health benefits of chickweed – the #1 KEY to reducing inflammation Enjoy and share!