Your “diagnosis” or “condition” doesn’t matter? (Plus emotional healing lessons from Neil Young)

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This one may be controversial.

After receiving over 100 immediate responses to my email survey I put out last week when I asked…

 “What are you struggling with most with your health right now?”

I literally spent hours combing through all the different “diagnoses” and “conditions” my subscribers responded with.

So in this video, I lay out my philosophy on treating “conditions” and how I approach it in my clinic and online training and coaching program.

(Disclaimer:  there are times with making an accurate diagnosis can be VERY important, but the problem is when we only focus on the labeled condition instead of “getting to the core” that’s created the situation in the first place!)

By the way…I found myself choked up toward the end when I was using Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” lyrics to give you the three most important mental / emotional / spiritual truths that create TRUE healing and transformation.

I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about all this.  I always read every one and respond to as many as I can.


How To Breathe When You Exercise

Should you breathe in or out when you need power? Video Below!

Should you breathe in or out when you need power? Video Below!

As I was editing my Q&A Highlights video for my Core Wellness coaching students, I picked one out to share here on the blog that I think will help a lot of people.

It’s about whether you should breathe in or out when doing an exercise like the lunge or squat or anything that requires power.

Basically, there’s a time for both.  Sometimes you have to brace but you should always be ABLE to breathe functionally during any training activity.

If you have to raise your shoulders and collar bone while you’re in an exercise then you are not ready for that exercise or you are too fatigued and losing your good form.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think or ask me your questions in the comments below.

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[Video Postcard] “Edutainment” Hike – Rainbow Falls, Acid, Ankles, and Anti-Oxidant Water!

Nathaniel Smoky MountainsWhenever I go on vacation, I can’t help but think of how nature and natural ways can teach us so much.

So I recorded some snippets from our adventures at Great Smokies National Park in Gatlinburg, TN for you.

Along with the awesome scenery up the trail, I share:

  • An important stretch for your ankles so you don’t end up with knee, hip, low back, and other upstream pains.
  • The best position for climbing stairs (or mountains).
  • Exactly WHY exposing yourself to moving water (and drinking good water and living foods) acts as powerful antioxidant therapy so you can protect your brain, heart, and every cell in your body!
  • Why a Smoky Mountain stream works just like your kidneys to get rid of acid (and what you can do to get your cells more alkaline and healthy.)
  • Plus some overriding words of wisdom from my 10 year old sidekick (and camera man), Nathaniel. 

Hope you enjoy the hike and learn something along the way.

Now get out and have an adventure!

Dr. Steve

(Leave me your questions and comments below!)

How To Foam Roll The Piriformis (The Right Way)

foam roll piriformisSelf myofascial release using a foam roll can be very powerful for pain relief, improving flexibility, improving body awareness, increasing circulation and lots more.

And thanks to Bill’s question from inside the Core Wellness Coaching Program, I decided to use today’s episode of Core Wellness TV to give you a detailed tutorial on how to use a foam roll to release your piriformis muscle (along with the rest of the soft tissue on the back side of your hip.)

Actually…I went ahead and created a whole “How To Foam Roll The Lower Quarter…The Right Way” mini-course and will be including it as a bonus program inside the Training Course when enrollment re-opens.  

(If you are not on the early bird list to be the first to hear when we re-open, be sure to get on that list HERE.)

There’s  a short intro from Grandma’s glider in our back yard and you even get to meet Gracie Bell as she crosses my path!

Enjoy and be sure to leave your questions and comments below!

“Become As A Child” Posture Exercises To Erase and Replace Damaging Movement Patterns

posturedoc posture exercisesWhile testing my camera to get ready for some new LIVE webinars I’ve got up my sleeve, I ended up creating a powerful exercise sequence to help you get back into a more energetic, pain free, youthful posture pattern.

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Going through this simple exercise sequence can also serve to “Re-Boot” or “Wipe and Restore” your brain’s computer programs for posture and movement.  (You know, to clear out all the movement and posture viruses  :-)

By going back to infant development positions to clear out the damaging patterns, the whole system works smoother and you can start to “re-program” for less strain, less pain, and more confidence in your movement.

Give the movements a try and leave me your questions and comments below!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  As I mentioned, I will be doing some exciting new LIVE webinar training and I want to know what you’re struggling with most with your health and what I can do to help.  

That way, I can tailor the content of the webinars to benefit you most. 

I really value and appreciate your input.  So, if you feel inspired to share, please leave a comment below.  I’m looking forward to your reply!

New Self Test For A “Lost Core” – Do You “Shift When You Lift”?

Most of you have seen (and hopefully attempted) the "Deep Core Amnesia" self test you got in the free training series when you signed up for the email list here on the blog .

But here's the deal…with the current test I've noticed that the vast majority of people who commented say they passed with no problem.

Yet, when I'm testing patients in my office, I see the vast majority of people FAIL this test!  

So…the "Shift When You Lift?" self test I'm giving you today will hopefully make it more obvious to you if you have a "deep core" weakness putting you at risk of debilitating musculoskeletal pain and losing your strength and power to keep doing what you love!

Listen…awareness and control of this "deep core" system is CRITICAL to prevent pain, fatigue, and unhealthy aging.

Basically, it's the stability you created as a developing infant…and most of us had it under control by the time we were 5 months old.

And if, for some reason, you didn't quite develop perfectly as an infant, you can still "wire in" this new pathway for deep core stability into your nervous system!

It will take some effort, but so does walking with a walker :-)

As a matter of fact, I even give you some "training wheels" to help reawaken your core in case you fail this one miserably!

So join me in the Core Wellness Studio for this new self test and you'll also learn how you can still get in on the Grand Re-Opening pricing on the comprehensive Core Wellness Training Course to prevent and even reverse the pain and unhealthy aging from Crossed Posture Syndrome.  (price doubles Monday, Sept. 1st at midnight Eastern time.)
Yes, it's time to reclaim your youthful, vibrant, pain free posture of youth!
As always…leave me your comments and questions below!  I always read them all and reply to as many as I can.