pec stretch and tmj help

How To Stretch Your Pecs and Reverse Your Biological Age

There’s something about being barefoot in my lettuce patch that allows good content to flow for you. Today is a full “3 Pillars” episode of Core Wellness TV from the fall garden where you’ll discover… The future of dentistry and fixing jaw problems (and what I’m going to reveal to 80 or so dentists in November.) The most common mistake to…

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New Rules of Core Training Hike

The “New Rules of Core Training” Hike Through The Woods

painting ergonomics to save your shoulders and spine

2 Common Movement Mistakes That Cause Neck and Back Pain

As I was rolling some thick primer onto our concrete block garage to create a new set / backdrop for future videos, I found myself making a couple of movement mistakes that were leading to some overload in my neck, shoulder, and back. So I had Rebecca grab the camera real quick to go over the mistakes and how to fix…

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New “Banker’s Pose” Posture Test and How To Break Out of a Pain Cycle

More information about reversing Crossed Posture Syndrome for pain relief and healthy aging can be found HERE.

Do Posture Exercises Really Matter?

Do You Really Need Posture Exercises?…Or can you just “Push Away”?

After a flattering email from “Mr. E” thanking me for the whole idea of the “Push Away Phenomenon”, I had to really re-think my mission. You see, he also asked me to keep my education more about how to do daily activities instead of asking people to invest time in actual corrective exercise. And while I wholeheartedly agree in teaching…

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Key Link for neck and low back pain

Key Exercise For Forward Head Posture, Neck Pain, and Low Back Pain

How can a simple bendable tripod explain neck and back pain?  Simple. If one area doesn’t move…then a different area has to take all the load! Learn which areas of your spine need to move more and a simple exercise for the #1 key link and take a load off your neck and low back.   [fb-like] Resources From Today’s…

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Human Yoga for Healthy Hips

Great Hip Exercise For Flexibility and Strength Using “Human Yoga” Principles


Human Yoga From La Jolla, CA

Opening Up with “Human” Yoga [Video Postcard From California]

After spending 2 days learning how to apply DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilzation) to Yoga for safety and improved practice, I shot this quick video on the La Jolla coast in California talking about the importance and power of “opening up”. I’ll be sharing more of the new insights soon on a free webinar (get on the list here to be…

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