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Your Minimum Core Requirements For Safe and Effective Exercise

It’s no secret that lots of people get hurt by exercising with poor form.  And that almost always means that they are lacking core stability. BUT, this does not mean you should automatically start doing crunches and planks.  It’s much more about “re-awakening” the same movement and stability you developed from the time you were born to the time you were…

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Core Wellness Natural Allergy Relief

Natural Allergy Relief – A 3 Step Approach

A few days ago, as I shined my flashlight up into the night sky of early Spring, I could see pollen floating through the air like dust in a sunbeam. This spectacle made me think about all the patients I help with allergies and how I should share that wisdom with my online followers as well! So that’s what today’s…

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Change THIS…Change Everything (how your cells respond to your environment)

Today…I took the chance to head to the park between monsoons here in Southern Indiana to give you inspirational and practical strategies for changing your ENVIRONMENT to change your life. Simple…Inspirational…and Practical. That’s the way it should be. I’m especially fond of the nutrition strategy. Probably the simplest plan you’ve ever heard. Talk soon! drh P.S. While filming, the camera…

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Ahhh...creating new life.

My Favorite Movement Meditation – Planting Seeds (GardenCast Revisited)

Yes, gardening for me..especially the repetitive movement process of sowing seeds…is meditation. It’s one of the most meaningful and powerful things I do. I invite you to spend some time with me today in my back yard garden as I sow one of my seed beds.  (This one happens to be heirloom romaine.) I was going to narrate over the…

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how to lunge correctly

2 Damaging Lunge Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Since switching to a new gym from the YMCA, It’s been great to be immersed in a more youthful environment. But what I don’t like is when youthful trainers don’t understand correct form and how to make sure people aren’t sacrificing health and safety in the name of fitness and weight loss. In today’s episode of Core Wellness TV…I share…

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spine rounding in yoga safe?

Forward Bends…Should You “Round” Your Spine? (Yoga Controversy)

Today on Core Wellness TV, I answer a very important question about “to round or not to round” your spine when you bend forward. Jackie left this GREAT question about Yoga on my last blog post about keeping a flat back and “hip hinging” to save your spine: ——————– “Dr. Steve, This makes a lot of sense. I have been…

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hip hinge snow shovel

Great “Movement Hack” To Save Your Low Back Discs When Shoveling Snow (or anything else!)

Since we’re in the middle of getting our first good snowfall of the winter (about 10 inches or so) I thought I would re-post this video from a few years back talking about the CRITICAL importance of the “HIP HINGE” when you shovel snow, or dirt, or rocks, or even s*^t It also applies ANYTIME you bend over.   That…

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Centration for Pain Relief

[Video] What REALLY Causes Pain (and how to make your own morphine)

Here we go!  Ready to make some NEW things HAPPEN this year? THEN LET’S LEARN AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! In this recent Q&A video excerpted from my coaching program, I share how to make your brain actually drip some pain relieving morphine into your system (really…it’s true!) I also talk about why building STRENGTH is not what helps with pain…HINT…it’s more about…

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