Thanksgiving 2015

Perspectives on Gratitude with Dr. Steve – Thanksgiving 2015

How can your hip function cause stress in your neck and shoulders?  Episode is below.

Case Study: Upper Cross Headaches Related to Hip Function? (Plus How to Feel “Lighter”)

I’ve got an interesting case study for you today about how sometimes the cause of pain and tension are not always so straightforward. That was the case with “Tabby”, who came in with several weeks worth of headaches and discovered the cause to be much more than an ibuprofen deficiency. We fixed the obvious things like her forward rolled shoulders, forward head…

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happy and hale

Core Wellness + Happy and Hale = Follow Your Heart, Move Your Body, and Eat More GREEN

 On our recent Eastward trip through Asheville (see Ashevillage interview here) and on to Raleigh to share the message of Core Wellness, I was on the prowl for cool people doing cool things that were congruent with the Core Wellness Institute “3 Pillars” philosophy of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition.   So when my Yogi niece told me about Happy and…

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Ashevillage resilient living school

On The Road with Core Wellness TV: Resilient Living and Permaculture School at Ashevillage in Asheville, NC

Today I want to share with you a MAJOR Core Belief of the Core Wellness Institute… If there’s ONE thing you need to understand and take to heart about posture, health, and wellness…it’s this.   Ideal posture and ideal health are natural.     At least they should be.   But we do our best to try to make nature conform to…

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What’s The Best Posture Exercise…Heavy Weight or “The Push Away Phenomenon”?

Carrying a heavy weight can be a great way to activate your core stability system and get back into a good posture position… But is it enough? Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV explores the power of carrying heavy weight to “re-actively” switch on your upright posture system. But on the flip side, you’ll discover why the gentler, more intentional,…

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rsz_cwi-2015-08-28-head-lift-extension (1)

How To Fix Forward Head Posture (The T4 Secret)

I have to admit, I almost didn’t make this episode announcement about the upcoming “How To Fix Forward Head Posture” webinar today because I started talking myself into the fact that it really wasn’t that important. You see, I found out earlier this morning that a good friend, whom I’ve known for over 30 years, passed away after a long battle…

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How the "deep hip hammock" actually makes more space in your hip!" (video below)

How To Avoid Hip Replacements By Activating Your “Forgotten” Deep Hip Muscles

I’ve got a question for you… What’s the #1 most common joint that degenerates to the point of needing a full replacement? You got it! It’s your HIPS! Let’s try to avoid that, shall we? To help you out…today on Core Wellness TV I show you how to activate your “inner spiral” that starts from the 3 pillars of your feet…

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rompfest night

Rompfest Lessons: Blowing your mind, healing from injury, and festival nutrition strategies

We are a musical family and we love to have fun. So Rompfest, a bluegrass and roots music festival in Owensboro, KY seemed like a no brainier this year. (Especially since John Prine was there!) We took the boys (Benjamin is 15 and Nathaniel is 11) and our camp gear and headed out on an adventure. I shot a post…

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