Core Stability “Training Wheels” (tips for discovering your “back support zone”)

It’s extremely easy to lose connection with your original core support you developed as an infant. As stress builds throughout your life, your body tends to “close down” and go into “protection mode”. And alarmingly, 1/3 of us humans have some version of a “closed down” or “crossed posture” syndrome by the time we get through our formative first 4…

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scapula position for pulling

2-Step Posture Process To Relieve Shoulder Tension (plus snow shoveling advice to save your spine)

2 big take homes in today’s episode of Core Wellness TV… FIRST…Snow Shoveling safety. We’re getting snow dumped upon us here in Southern Indiana and a lot of people who never do any shoveling of any kind get out and clear their driveways and sidewalks…and hurt themselves in the process. So we revisit the “hip hinge” process to save your spine…

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lower cross syndrome exercise

Lower Cross Syndrome Exercise For Back Pain Relief

This stretching exercise for lower cross syndrome can be really powerful for low back pain. Plus…by improving the flexibility in the front of your hips, it will allow you to use your glutes more effectively…which also will help take stress of your knees. As a matter of fact, everything effects everything…Right??  (Answer yes!) So just by opening up your hips…

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dr. steve hoffman protect your memory

How To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Protect Your Memory

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus, and Peaceful Solstice! This is interesting… Since we’ve got family coming to our house this year, and our refrigerator suddenly stopped working, I got a crash course lesson in refrigerator repair. And this crisis / opportunity was the jumping off point for Santa Steve (I’m shaving soon, so check it out while you can :-)) to reveal the…

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get up off the floor

Sitting Rising Test…Debunked

It’s time to re-visit this controversial “mortality predicting” test once again. I just had to bring it back up after training yet another patient to get up and down off the floor yesterday.It’s a movement skill that you should train daily, no matter how old you are.  And you can never lose it. And if you’ve lost it…today’s episode of Core Wellness TV…

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Thanksgiving 2015

Perspectives on Gratitude with Dr. Steve – Thanksgiving 2015

Join me on a nature walk next to Big Spring in Van Buren, Missouri for some interesting perspectives on gratitude and how to cultivate it when it seems like nothing is going right.

How can your hip function cause stress in your neck and shoulders?  Episode is below.

Case Study: Upper Cross Headaches Related to Hip Function? (Plus How to Feel “Lighter”)

I’ve got an interesting case study for you today about how sometimes the cause of pain and tension are not always so straightforward. That was the case with “Tabby”, who came in with several weeks worth of headaches and discovered the cause to be much more than an ibuprofen deficiency. We fixed the obvious things like her forward rolled shoulders, forward head…

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happy and hale

Core Wellness + Happy and Hale = Follow Your Heart, Move Your Body, and Eat More GREEN

 On our recent Eastward trip through Asheville (see Ashevillage interview here) and on to Raleigh to share the message of Core Wellness, I was on the prowl for cool people doing cool things that were congruent with the Core Wellness Institute “3 Pillars” philosophy of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition.   So when my Yogi niece told me about Happy and…

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