Forward Head Posture Correction And The Best Way To Do A Push Up (Chaturanga Style)



Since the most common error when doing push ups is poking the head forward toward the ground and allowing the shoulders to shrug toward the ears….

Correcting forward head posture (FHP) 
and doing a push up correctly go hand in hand!

These 2 video tutorials below were taken from the "Q&A Hightlights" area of the paid Core Wellness Coaching Program but I decided to post them pubicly here on the blog because I haven't seen anyone effectively addressing the key links to reverse this epidemic!

FHP can create a host of problems like (but not limited to) headaches, neck pain, shouder pain, mid back pain, low back pain, jaw pain and clicking, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, and numbness and tingling in arms and hands

Most, but not all of the corrective exercises I recommend in the videos below are available in the free exercise series you receive when you sign up for the mailing list here on the blog.  So make sure you do that now if you haven't already!

Enjoy the free training and leave your comments and questions below! 


“The Rib Cage Secret” Organic Posture Correction Exercise (That Won’t Wear You Out)

Lots of people give up on correcting their posture because it just flat out hurts to try to keep the "shoulders back", and "chest up".
But fear not…today on Core Wellness TV I share with you the "Rib Cage Secret" that forms the foundation of effortless good posture that feels natural and actually "switches off" the "fight or flight" stress system of tension and degeneration.
At the same time this exercise (that you can do anywhere, anytime without anyone even knowing) "switches on" your relaxation response so your body can feel at peace and heal like it should.
Join me next to the hydrangeas with the ladybugs, honey bees, and even a surprise appearance from our cat, Ayla!
Let me know how this exercise makes you feel and ask me your questions in the comments.
Talk soon!
Dr. Steve
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P.S.S.  A late summer tour of "Reverse CPS Now!" Live Group Training Events is still in the works!
Looks like we'll be heading West on this one but we'll be doing more around the U.S. this year.  So if you have an existing client or patient base or are part of a group or Meetup focused on health and wellness and would like to host a group training event, drop me an email at and we'll get the conversation started.  Thanks!

Mentioned in this episodeSelf Upper Rib Cage / Scalene Release Video



“Reverse Throw” move for back, hip, and shoulder health (a MUST for all throwers and racquet sports!)

Since I'm coaching 13 to 15 year old boys baseball this year, I thought I would share this "Reverse Throw" move I use a lot to help EVERYONE (not just throwers) get better balance, hip flexibility, and a nice open posture through the chest.  

All these things add up to less strain and less pain in your back, shoulders, and neck.

And hey I admit…it's challenging!  You can keep a chair or wall close by until you achieve better balance.

If you're a pitcher, thrower, or into racquet sports…you MUST master this move or you will end up with shoulder and back problems down the line.

Enjoy and share!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  We will be doing a TOUR OF LIVE TRAINING EVENTS at different locations in the U.S. this summer 2014! 

So if you resonate with what I'm teaching and would like to share it with your patients, yoga students, massage clients, personal training clients, or you just have an active group, club, or organization, send me an email and let me know if you're interested.

No definite details yet, just gathering interest.  I will post more info when we get locations and dates hammered out.  Email me now and let's help the world feel younger, lighter, and happier TOGETHER!




What shoes I recommend (and why), gut healing strategies, and how to clear brain clutter

A crazy "living with cats: report before today's content:  I'm recovering from a heel injury today after being awakened from a dead sleep to blood curdling screams from my wife, Rebecca.  

I literally skidded down our wooden stairs on my heel (expecting the worst) to find our 2 female cats (both fixed), suddenly at each other's throats after a front porch visit from a Tom.  (Finally got them back together without ripping and tearing).

So it's bite and scratch first aid for Rebecca, and crutches, ice, proteolytic enzymes and anti-inflammatory herbs for me for a while!  (Plus some cat psychology research :-)
But the show must go on!  So here's another "3 Pillars Episode" of Core Wellness TV!
I'm knee deep in a freezing cold, spring fed stream in this one and I hesitated to release it because there's a little wind at times and some background noise, but I know the content is worth it!
Here's what I share in today's episode…
In the MOVEMENT piece I share my favorite kind of shoes and why "taking responsibility for you feet" is important for less pain and strain…not only in your feet, but also in your knees, low back, and on up the chain! 
Hint…it's all about the "incoming information" that a mobile, functionally moving foot gives to your brain.  It's called "afferance" and it's also what makes chiropractic so powerful. (But it's also what can make you DEPENDENT on adjustments and I share how to avoid this in the video!)
In the NUTRITION piece, I revisit the basics of healing your GUT!  
This simple protocol, in addition to helping primary gut issues like constipation, irritable bowel, colitis, etc., can also balance and improve your immune system and the way your brain works (or doesn't work) as well!
In the MINDSET piece, you get an interesting metaphor for all the damaging beliefs and perceptions you have "wired" into your brain as well as a powerful "water flow" strategy for "clearing the clutter" and making space for new, creative, and healing brain pathways!
Enjoy and please share!

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Proven 4-Step Program To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Gut

Natural Allergy Relief Strategies – Part One: The Leaky Gut


Products Mentioned In this episode:

Candibactin AR – Herbal Anti-Microbial

Candibactin BR – Herbal Anti-Microbial

Ultra Flora Balance – Probiotic (my usual first choice)

Ultra Flora Spectrum – Probiotic (if have loose stools with antibiotics or just to provide variety)


The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise (Part 2) and Getting Up Off The Floor

2 Big Things To Talk About In Today's Episode Of Core Wellness TV!

FIRST:  An Exciting Announcement:

As you'll see, I'm standing along the beautiful Current River in Missouri during this episode.  And as you'll discover when you watch the announcement, I'm finally overcoming my resistance to doing live events on the road.

So if you like the way I explain movement, posture, and wellness and would like to host a live event in your part of the country (yes, we will keep in the U.S. the first time around!) then shoot me an email at  

This is just to gather interest.  We will talk more about details when we connect.

If you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, MD, DO, nurse practitioner, naturopath, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, rolfer, or other type of bodyworker, and you would like to share what I teach with your patients or clients, that would be the perfect fit.

OR…if you have an active group or association that would like have a live exeperience using the Core Wellness Institute methods for pain free, strain free living, that would work, too!

Again…just send me and email at and we'll get the discussion rolling!

SECOND:  An Important shoulder and core exercise that you may be tempted to pass over because it looks too simple.  But it's ALL about the DETAILS on this one.  (Especially when I talk about the "Hand Pillars" and  "The Magic Moment") 

Although I present this shoulder and core "Push Away Lean" exercise as an important "remedial" move for people who have lost the strength and stability to get up and down off the floor easily, EVERYONE needs to try it.

This really hit home during baseball practice last night (I'm coaching a 13, 14, and 15 year old team this year) that over half of these young teen athletes needed this simple "peel back" instruction to understand how to stabilize their shoulders and core!

Enjoy today's episode and if you know someone who would benefit from this free training please share using the share bar at the bottom of this post and of course, hit the facebook "Like" button below!

Other resources mentioned in today's episode:

-The Sit To Rise Test

-The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise That Fixes The #1 Cause Of Shoulder Pain



Changes at Core Wellness Institute And A NEW Hip Move That Stretches AND Strengthens

I've got a special "Q&A" Coaching edition of Core Wellness TV for you today with a new functional exercise that both improves flexibility AND strength and stability in your hips!
But first…as Neil Young's song (and album) goes…"Comes A Time"!
That's right, I'm kicking my premium coaching program up a notch at and things are changing.
Here's the  scoop…ON MIDNIGHT, THURSDAY, MARCH 20TH, I am removing the bonus 3 months of "Direct Access Coaching" where you can ask me individual questions in the comments section on the site and get private coaching over video Skype, audio Skype, or phone twice a month during open office hours.
In fact, after March 20th, the doors to enrollment will be completely closed as I improve the coaching program and change the pricing infrastructure.
So, if you want some guidance, support, and accountability to make mindset, movement, and nutrition changes so you can keep actively doing the things you love, AND be "grandfathered" in to the new and improved program, now is the time to enroll…
Because I'm DOUBLING the coaching program time to 6 MONTHS instead of the normal 3!  But you have to get ont the bus before Midnight on Thursday March 20th!
NOTE…If all you're interested in is the videos and PDF's to reverse crossed posture and NOT interested in mindset, nutrition, support, and accountability, then  please don't take this offer. You'll be better off if you wait till I re-open.
But if you want my individual help and want to learn from other people's questions as well, now you get 6 MONTHS of coaching ($582 value) 
If you recently enrolled, don't worry, I will take care of you, too!