What’s The Best Posture Exercise…Heavy Weight or “The Push Away Phenomenon”?

Carrying a heavy weight can be a great way to activate your core stability system and get back into a good posture position… But is it enough? Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV explores the power of carrying heavy weight to “re-actively” switch on your upright posture system. But on the flip side, you’ll discover why the gentler, more intentional,…

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rsz_cwi-2015-08-28-head-lift-extension (1)

How To Fix Forward Head Posture (The T4 Secret)

I have to admit, I almost didn’t make this episode announcement about the upcoming “How To Fix Forward Head Posture” webinar today because I started talking myself into the fact that it really wasn’t that important. You see, I found out earlier this morning that a good friend, whom I’ve known for over 30 years, passed away after a long battle…

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How the "deep hip hammock" actually makes more space in your hip!" (video below)

How To Avoid Hip Replacements By Activating Your “Forgotten” Deep Hip Muscles

I’ve got a question for you… What’s the #1 most common joint that degenerates to the point of needing a full replacement? You got it! It’s your HIPS! Let’s try to avoid that, shall we? To help you out…today on Core Wellness TV I show you how to activate your “inner spiral” that starts from the 3 pillars of your feet…

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rompfest night

Rompfest Lessons: Blowing your mind, healing from injury, and festival nutrition strategies

We are a musical family and we love to have fun. So Rompfest, a bluegrass and roots music festival in Owensboro, KY seemed like a no brainier this year. (Especially since John Prine was there!) We took the boys (Benjamin is 15 and Nathaniel is 11) and our camp gear and headed out on an adventure. I shot a post…

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bear crawl exercise re-boot

[Case Study] Low back pain relief, better mood, and no more irritable bowel

Watch out what you say to yourself…you’re brain is listening. That’s the first important piece I share in today’s case study about a recent patient, a real person we’ll call “Jane” who walked in to my office the first day crying, distraught and proclaiming herself as a “wreck”. We were not going to get anywhere as long as she believed she…

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deep squat dr. steve

Deep Squat Form – You Must Fix These “Sticking Points” (from the lettuce patch)

Other episodes mentioned to help with the deep squat and calming your nervous system: No stretch hamstring stretch (for the forward tilted pelvis Lettuce “Opium” to calm your nervous system (it’s not really opium…but it IS related!) More tips for better ankle mobility for a better squat Comprehensive Core Wellness Training Course and Coaching Program to reverse the pain and…

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back support zone awareness

Your Minimum Core Requirements For Safe and Effective Exercise

It’s no secret that lots of people get hurt by exercising with poor form.  And that almost always means that they are lacking core stability. BUT, this does not mean you should automatically start doing crunches and planks.  It’s much more about “re-awakening” the same movement and stability you developed from the time you were born to the time you were…

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Core Wellness Natural Allergy Relief

Natural Allergy Relief – A 3 Step Approach

A few days ago, as I shined my flashlight up into the night sky of early Spring, I could see pollen floating through the air like dust in a sunbeam. This spectacle made me think about all the patients I help with allergies and how I should share that wisdom with my online followers as well! So that’s what today’s…

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