WHY and HOW To Fix Crossed Posture (Demo Workshop Recorded Live)

Last Tuesday was the second event in a Holistic Medicine community awareness project I'm part of (along with 2 other M.D.'s and a D.O.) called  "Pathways To Individual Health"
I took my segment and posted the entire video for you below so you can stay up to date!
As you'll see…my computer bonked out as I started giving my talk.  Honestly, I think it was a blessing and made the talk more practical and more importantly FUN!  But I'll let you decide :-)
Here are some of the important concepts I share:
  • The importance of paying your "Tissue Debt" (or else it ends up creating pain or symptoms you can't ignore)
  • The "Bowling Ball on a stick" awareness exercise (you'll understand immediately why you have to put out energy against the downward and inward pull of gravity!)
  • Why the THOUGHT of the movement when you exercise is sometimes more important than the actual movement itself! (Get the image in your mind and the brain gets to work rewiring behind the scenes!)
  • Why a 36 inch x 6 inch foam roll is your best friend against the upper body "hump back" (with a simple example of how to use it)
  • The key to activating your deep core muscles so your big outer muscles don't have to overwork and cause you pain!
  • Why a properly executed lunge exercise can be the secret to long term back pain relief (actually it's great for knees, hips, and even upper body issues, too, but the focus in this talk was on relieving back pain.)
  • A very simple "biofeedback" method you can use to test yourself to make sure you can BREATHE like you were designed (plus WHY if you breathe shallowly, it leads to pain, trigger points, and muscle fatigue!)

(If you would like more in depth training and individual health withouth having to travel to Jeffersonville, you can access my whole comprehensive posture transformation and therapeutic lifestyle change program on the web for less than spending one hour with me in person.  You can get the details on what exactly to expect HERE.)

Enjoy the workshop and be sure to post you comments and questions below!


My Daily Routine For Hip and Back Health…Listening To The Drovers

I absolutely LOVE doing this piece of my daily routine.  It combines hip stretching, balance, coordination, strength, and agility.  It's also a very important move to do if you have lower crossed syndrome or you sit a lot.

I realize that many people will have knee or foot or hip issues or other things that may keep you from performing this series as shown.  You can adapt the movement by not dipping down as far as I do into the lunge and squat movements.

And it was a total Drovers morning for me.  I usually listen to a podcast or something educational but today I was driven by the Drovers so I decided to let you hear what I was hearing as I was doing the movement series.

It's extremely useful for improving coordination because it mimics the "contralateral" infant develop pattern as learned from Voita, Kolar, et al. in Eastern Europe that connects the right and left sides of your brain!

Pay close attention to the text cues on the screen because they point out the "little hinges" that swing big doors!

This also uses the power of "eidetic perception" or the ability to use imagery and this "Intention" is everything when you are attempting to activate you deep core stability system.

The Imagination and Intention of your movement is arguably even more important than the movement itself.

Let me know what you think of this important movement in the comments.  Were you able to do it?  What kept you from doing it?  Balance?  Strength?  Knee pain?  Toe inflexibility?  LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW NOW!

More Hip Hinge Tips To Protect Your Spine Plus…How To Correct Forward Head Posture

Dr. Steve reveals the powerful secret of "Organic Posture"[Video Below]
Since there's been such a positive response to my recent episodes on how to protect your spine with hip hinging and hip mobility in general, I put this this episode together to take it to another level and help you reverse the "old looking" and damaging "Forward Head Posture".
This combination move is a "must do" for you if you want to stay upright and pain free so you continue to do the things you love to do!
You'll be using the ultra ninja trick that I call the "Push Away Phenomenon" of "Organic Posture".
This special method bypasses all of your brain's faulty wiring and corrupted movement programs and "taps in" to your brain's perfect posture program that you developed from the time you were born to the time you were 6 years old. 
Think about it.  You don't see many 4 to 6 year olds with bad posture, do you?
So go ahead and use the "push away phenomenon" I talk about in this video to re-awaken your confident, youthful, "organic" posture!  Your back, your hips, your neck, your shoulders, and even your knees will thank you!

Anti Aging Posture Exercises Using “The Bubbling Spring” K1 Kidney Point

Connect Your "Bubbling Spring" and Put Out The Fire Of Stress!Today's episode reveals how activating the Chinese medicine point called "The Bubbling Spring" will send a "Spiral of Power" through your entire body.

This is because when you connect the K1 Kidney Acupuncture point to the earth, it unleashes one of the most powerful anti-aging secrets ever.  It's a SUPER way to "wake up" your FEET!

You see, your feet give your brain a LOT of input which it uses to make decisions about whether to protect your knees, hips, low back, and on up the chain.  It's called AFFERANCE and it's VERY important!   So watch closely!

Please forgive the crazy cricket, the wind, and the top of my head being cut out on occasion.  The content was just so good that I decided to put in some subtitles and let it fly! (But I'll let you be the judge of the content ;-)

This whole concept can very realistically be a game changer for you.  You can feel the power of youth and vitality literally at every moment when you use this concept.

Dr. Steve

P.S.  Don't miss the "Butt Squeezing" caveat at 5:20.  It's the missing link for lots of people.

P.S.S.  One more disclaimer…I am NOT versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine but some of these "Anti-Aging" basics, even if they are not "spot on" with TCM, will be very helpful to you.


How to Detoxify and Lose Weight (Free Seminar In The Woods)

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Resources mentioned in this video:

-Wheat / Gluten Elimination (scroll down after clicking)

- Dairy Elimination (scroll down after clicking)

- Herbert Benson (The Relaxation Response)

- Free Video Series of exercises to improve lymph flow and create calm in your nervous system through balanced muscles and good posture (Available for a limited time for FREE)

Here's the The 180 – Age  Formula developed by Dr. Phil Maffetone, whose book "In Fitness and In Health" got me on the right track over 13 years ago.  I realize this is simplistic and may seem to go against new fat burning research on the benefits of high intensity interval training.  But training your nervous system aerobic fitness is still always first on my list…especially during a detoxification program.

To find the maximum aerobic heart rate:

1. Subtract your age from 180 (180 – age)

2. Modify this number by selecting a category below that best matches your health profile:

a. If you have, or are recovering from, a major illness (heart disease, high blood pressure, any operation or hospital stay, etc.) or you are taking medication, subtract an additional 10.

b. If you have not exercised before or have been training inconsistently or injured, have not recently progressed in training or competition, or if you get more than two colds or bouts of flu per year, or have allergies, subtract an additional 5

c. If you've been exercising regularly (at least four times weekly) for up to two years without any of the problems listed in a or b, keep the number (180 – age) the same.

d. If you have been competing for more than two years duration without any of the problems listed above, and have improved in competition without injury, add 5.

For example, if you are 30 years old and fit into category b: 180 – 30 = 150, then 150 – 5 = 145.

Why Focus On Good Posture? (Dimmer Switch Analogy)

Rebecca and I did a seminar at Benjamin's school today for 10-12 year olds on "Gaming Posture" and tried several analogies to see if any will stick when we go back in a month to check in.

The clip below is the "dimmer switch" analogy.

If you have ever successfully motivated a child to correct his or her posture and it actually stuck…can you please share your secret strategies in the comments?