WHY and HOW To Fix Crossed Posture (Demo Workshop Recorded Live)

Last Tuesday was the second event in a Holistic Medicine community awareness project I'm part of (along with 2 other M.D.'s and a D.O.) called  "Pathways To Individual Health"
I took my segment and posted the entire video for you below so you can stay up to date!
As you'll see…my computer bonked out as I started giving my talk.  Honestly, I think it was a blessing and made the talk more practical and more importantly FUN!  But I'll let you decide :-)
Here are some of the important concepts I share:
  • The importance of paying your "Tissue Debt" (or else it ends up creating pain or symptoms you can't ignore)
  • The "Bowling Ball on a stick" awareness exercise (you'll understand immediately why you have to put out energy against the downward and inward pull of gravity!)
  • Why the THOUGHT of the movement when you exercise is sometimes more important than the actual movement itself! (Get the image in your mind and the brain gets to work rewiring behind the scenes!)
  • Why a 36 inch x 6 inch foam roll is your best friend against the upper body "hump back" (with a simple example of how to use it)
  • The key to activating your deep core muscles so your big outer muscles don't have to overwork and cause you pain!
  • Why a properly executed lunge exercise can be the secret to long term back pain relief (actually it's great for knees, hips, and even upper body issues, too, but the focus in this talk was on relieving back pain.)
  • A very simple "biofeedback" method you can use to test yourself to make sure you can BREATHE like you were designed (plus WHY if you breathe shallowly, it leads to pain, trigger points, and muscle fatigue!)

(If you would like more in depth training and individual health withouth having to travel to Jeffersonville, you can access my whole comprehensive posture transformation and therapeutic lifestyle change program on the web for less than spending one hour with me in person.  You can get the details on what exactly to expect HERE.)

Enjoy the workshop and be sure to post you comments and questions below!



“Bubbling Spring” Posture Tip, Food For Estrogen Balance, and Cues That You’re On The Right Path

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Resources From Today's Episode:

Dr. Steve Hoffman with another classic "3 Pillars" training!


The Romaine Lettuce Guide For Spine and Brain Decongestion

One of the biggest problems I see in my practice and in my online coaching students is compression.

You know how everything sometimes just feels heavy and "squished together" and it just feels like it needs to be "pulled apart"? It's a sign that you are out of balance and losing your battle with gravity!

So today I share 3 practical steps you can use to decompress, or as I refer to it in the video, "decongest" your body and your mind. Ah what the heck, let's just call it your bodymind, it's all the same thing anyway :-)

Join me in the backyard garden as a simple "previously congested" romaine lettuce patch provides the inspiration for these 3 BodyMind "Decongestion" tips!

If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment below! I always read them all and reply to as many as I can!

Romaine Lettuce Guide To Brain And Spinal Decongestion


The Best Posture Correction Exercise – “The Pubic Bone Secret” For Organic Posture

This is my #1 posture tip that accesses and automatically "re-awakens" the deeply embedded perfect posture programs you were born with.

It is truly powerful and I know it will help you "re-program" your posture (that's all it really is, by the way…a program like in a computer). 

Combine your pubic bone connection with the simple doorway reminder I share toward the end of the video and you are on your way! 

There's lots more like this in the full Core Wellness Coaching Course if you want to dig deeper!

Enjoy and let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions, OK?




Daniel’s Back Pain Case Study (Virtual Posture Evaluation)


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