Chest Stretch Mistake

Fix This Common Chest Stretching Mistake…PLUS “Organic Posture” Tips

This is the most common mistake I see when people do chest stretches that actually creates stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. The video was originally seen on Facebook Live at so the quality isn’t super HD ūüôā ¬†But can you believe I could actually stream live from the middle of the woods?¬† I’m just constantly amazed…

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stenosis exercise not what you'd think

Key Exercise For Low Back Stenosis (it’s not what you’d expect)

The solution is rarely where the pain is! Mastering the overhead reach can make a HUGE difference. Check it out. (taken from FB live…sorry a little fuzzy and volume’s a little low. ¬†But the message is CRITICAL!) Resource Mentioned In Video: ¬†Step-by-step, deep dive online training and coaching to fix your posture, find your core, and free yourself from pain…

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Forward Head Posture Correction

Forward Head Posture Correction – 2 Key Elements For A Natural and Unforced Fix

Since I announced “Fix Your Forward Head 30-Day Challenge”, I’ve been getting some interesting emails from people wondering if it’s “too late” to even try fixing long time posture problems. So¬†wanted¬†to share with you what I shared with these fine folks who were¬†asking the question. If you missed the announcement about the FYFHP Challenge, you can learn all about it…

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How To Stretch Your Pecs and Reverse Your Biological Age

There’s something about being barefoot in my¬†lettuce patch that allows good content to flow for you. Today is a full “3 Pillars” episode of Core Wellness TV from the fall garden where you’ll discover… The future of dentistry and fixing jaw problems (and what I’m going to reveal to 80 or so dentists in November.) The most common mistake to…

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Your Minimum Core Requirements For Safe and Effective Exercise

It’s no secret that lots of people get hurt by exercising¬†with poor form. ¬†And that almost always means that they are lacking core stability. BUT, this does not mean you should automatically start doing crunches and planks. ¬†It’s much more about “re-awakening” the same movement and stability you developed from the time you were born to the time you were…

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hip hinge snow shovel

Great “Movement Hack” To Save Your Low Back Discs When Shoveling Snow (or anything else!)

Since we’re in the middle of getting our first good snowfall of the winter (about 10 inches or so) I thought I would re-post this video from a few years back talking about the CRITICAL importance of the “HIP HINGE” when you shovel snow, or dirt, or rocks, or even s*^t ūüôā It also applies ANYTIME you bend over. ¬†…

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“Become As A Child” Posture Exercises To Erase and Replace Damaging Movement Patterns

While testing my camera to get ready for some new LIVE webinars I’ve got up my sleeve, I ended up creating a powerful exercise sequence to help you get back into a more energetic, pain free, youthful posture pattern. (If you’re not on the list here at the blog make sure you get on it to be notified when I…

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Forward Head Posture Correction And The Best Way To Do A Push Up (Chaturanga Style)

  Since the most common error when doing push ups is poking the head forward toward the ground and allowing the shoulders to shrug toward the ears…. Correcting¬†forward head posture (FHP)¬† and doing a push up correctly go hand in hand! These 2 video tutorials below were taken from the “Q&A Hightlights” area of the paid¬†Core Wellness Coaching Program but…

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