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  1. I just had to stop and write to congratulate you on 750,000 viewers. What a accomplishment. I think your wonderful and I am sooooo happy others do also. Please, please keep up the good work. It is appreciated.
    Your  friend in Los Gatos Ca, Mary

  2. Hi Dr. Steve,
    I think what you are doing is great, and I appreciate all this information. One thing I would like to note though, is that not every practitioner who completed an ART training is as conscientious or as qualified as you are. I have an injury, and I used Active Release website’s locator that you had mentioned in a posted response to someone else. The site listed a chiropractor here in Maryland. I went and it was a horrible as well as expensive experience.

    That chiropractor wanted to push through his treatment protocol regardless of my input and conducted turns and movements on me somewhat roughly without wanting to explain what he was doing. When I said something hurts he did not respond. My symptoms worsened from the next day and the bitter reminders with each twinge of pain made me feel I was taken in. When I called to cancel my follow-up appointments, interestingly, he didn’t bother to ask after any changes in my condition. Everything about that guy, his aggressive recruitment of patients, and his communication style was bad news for me.

    • I wanted to add that since incorporating some of the gentle exercises on your site, particularly practicing abdominal breathing, baby back, pushing away with palms posture correction, etc, I have been recuperating little by little. Thank you for your videos and site.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience, J. I recommend ART practitioners because they all at least have some baseline training that I’m familiar with. Unfortunately there are some practitioners who sometimes lack good communication and listening skills. ART is a good method and I still recommend it.

      I hope the next experience turns out better.

  3. Dr. Steve,
    I helped push a pickup truck out of the driveway and the next day my shoulder was paining.
    It’s been 3 months and still have pain when I move my arm straight up.
    In the past you helped remove the pain of my Sciatica with your exercises.
    What would you suggest for this shoulder?

    Thanks again!

    • Kim, I’m glad you got help from the sciatica exercise. If you need individual help I’m am opening up a coaching program soon where you can get my advice for specific issues. Be on the lookout for that. Until then you can search for the word “shoulder” on this blog and my youtube channel

  4. Hey Dr. Steve,

    Are there any Chiropractors in the Springfield, MO area that specialize in the core wellness program that you use? Really like your website and the work you do.

    Doug Stufflebam
    Springfield MO

  5. Hi Dr. Steve,

    I really enjoy and appreciate your work. I’m an LMT, so of course like you, I work with CPS constantly. I regularly refer clients who really want to make a change to your site for additional information and support– thank you!
    My questions are about “flat spots” in the thoracic spine.
    Do you have any “flat-spot”-specific ideas for exercises or movements that encourage the curves to rectify?
    Also, do you have any hands-on advice for the LMT’s out there working this condition?

    Thank you so much and have a wonderful vacation in Mexico! Salud!

  6. Hi Dr Steve

    i just saw your posture youtubes for sitting at a desk .

    You mention using a stand up desk

    Do you have a video clip of how you set this up effectively

    Many Thanks for your time



  7. Hi Dr. Steve.

    I've had MS for 18 years (rr).  Three months ago the amount of time changed on my job that I would be on my feet.  Leading up to that time I knew that I would need to get in better shape for it but I failed to do so.  Six weeks ago the lower portion of my left leg and the bottom of my left foot went numb along with insignificant pain in my butt.  I saw my neuro and she is blaming MS.  Brain, T spine and lumbar mri's were all taken.  All are fine.  No new or active lesions.  She thinks it's a pseudo flair but there are new symptoms, which to me would not make it a pseudo flair…I could be wrong.

    I really feel that something else is going on and I'm not throwing in the towel.  I saw a chiropractor a few days ago.  He viewed the film and said that I have a small disc bulge on that side, which sounds right to me.  He also observed me doing the chair exercise THE WRONG WAY.  I saw your video and you explained the correct way to do a piriformis stretch…wow.

    I am well aware that the disease progresses but certain things are giving me some hope.  When I do the piriformis stretches along with my thigh muscles the sensation feels better in my foot afterward.  When I sit down the numbness comes back….so now I'm back to square one!  This NEVER happened when my knee would go numb in the past.  Sitting down was comfort for me.

    I forgot to mention that when I sit and lay down the numbness intensifies which makes my day to day extremely difficult.  Up to about a week ago my foot and back of my knee would swell up (which is not ms).  I started taking ground flaxseed and the swelling has stopped.

    I will continue to do these stretches, I'm sure it will take some time.  Am I wrong to continue to search for more answers?



  8. Hi Dr. Steve,


    Just watched your video on youtube (Piriformis Stretch For Back Pain and Sciatica…Done Right!). It seems very helful specially with the good tips about straightening the back… I manage to start doing this excersise since i think i have piriformis syndrome due to a lot of biking and improper bike fitting and shitty saddle.

    Do you think that could cause piriformis syndrome?

    My question also is how many times should I do such exercise in a day and for how long should I keep the piriformis muscle stretched each time?


    Thank you very much


    • Lots of causes, Ali…but that is a lot of pressure on your rear end for long periods of time.  Ergonomics should be improved.  Just go to the stretch and breathe.  relax a little deeper into it with every exhale, repeat until you hit your end range…usually 5 to 10 breaths.

  9. Steve!!! (Dr. Steve!)

    I just discovered you on the net. Your explanations are so clear. The gift of clarity.

    Shoulder pain – bursitis? Crossed posture syndrome. Miobalance. Great video on your other website. I hope to find relief and healing in my left shoulder, tending to my posture with Miobalance.

    It's great meeting you. Hope to keep following you and feeling better in shoulder – back – posture.

    All the best!!!

    Eduardo. Mexico City, Mexico.


  10. Hi Dr. Steve, I've been enjoying your videos for some time now.  Even though I don't always try everything demonstrated, they're a great addition to my wellness arsenal.  I've acquired a foam roller and wonder if you can recommend a video demonstrating what to do with it.  Somehow I missed that demonstration in your recent video, and would like something a little more comprehensive.  Thank you!

    Annette L

  11. I have just found your informative and promising video clips and subsribed to your blog. I wondered if you have addressed teh "foot drop" symptom presumably due to a bulging L5-S1 disc pinching the nerve root. I am trying the hip glide excercise – do you think that may help?






    • Possibly…keep monitoring strength as you do the move and make sure to get a solid orthopedic / neurological eval to discover the source of the weakness.  

  12. Having been diagnosed with FS, I just tried your shoulder exercise (leaning into a bar with inside leg lift) WOW!  I really did think that it should be easier than months upon months of PT. But OMG!  This is brilliant. Instantly I am able to now raise my arm overhead farther than ever in years. PT has helped my shoulder thaw … but just didn't seem to address this one overhead issue at all.  I can see that with further work I will recover completely and feel so grateful. Just the little bit of insight you provided made so much sense and is THE crucial difference. Thank you SO MUCH for your sharing, wisdom and understanding of the issue. 

    • Wow that’s fantastic, Judith!  Sometimes the brain just needs that “push away” intention to reset the proper movement pathways.  Keep us posted on your progress!

  13. Thank you, Dr. Steve, for taking the time to create all of your videos and answer questions–I truly appreciate your help. You're compassion for others should be the model for all healthcare practitioners….

    I recently watched Piriformis Stretch For Back Pain and Sciatica…Done Right! (Part 2), but was unable to perform the stretch. I have two bone spurs in my right leg–one is in my right hip, the other at the top of my right femur. In addition, I have never been able to sit cross-legged, even as a child. My flexibility in that leg is so very limited, that I can't even bend it enough to rest it on my other leg to perform the stretch. Having said that I wonder if you can make a suggestion for an alternate move to help with the piriformis/sciatica issue I am also having in that leg. I'm 5' 4" and 115 lbs., eat an organic diet and do all I can to stay well, but my right leg causes me so much pain, it wakes me up at night and I can barely exercise.

    Thank you again for your time, help and concern!


  14. I am doing your piriformis stretch and just started, so have no comments yet.  I do have a question though.  I go to a Pain Clinic and about every 4 months get a cortisone/novacaine injection direction into the sacroiliac-iliac joint for lower back pain which is severe.  This helps me greatly for awhile and we are thinking of nerve ablation in the future.  I am 82 and in perfect health except for degenerative discs.  One is herniated. 

    The injections relieve everything EXCEPT the right upper gluteal muscle and the doc said it was either greater trocanter bursitis or piriformis.  MRI of course doesn't show this.  

    I am uncertain as to whether to do the piriformis stretch every morning or the disc because I am not sure which is causing the pain.  Can they both be done?   Thank you for any advice. 

  15. Hi Dr. Steve — A week and a half ago I broke my heel bone. I was on the third step of a ladder and reached for something that I’d dropped. I felt I was loosing my balance. The ladder was on a tile deck and I had no shoes on. In an instant I decided I didn’t want to fall left where I’d land on a small wrought iron table before hitting the tile and falling onto my left shoulder, elbow, wrist and who knows what else. I thought the better option would be to jump backwards off the ladder. I did that and landed directly on my right heel, shattering the bone in a number of places. The orthopedic doctor said I didn’t need surgery or a cast. He has me in a splint which I can take off when I’m in the house and very careful. I can put NO weight on my heel for 6 to 8 weeks. I rented a knee scooter which is wonderful but it’s very hard not being able to walk around and getting no exercise. I’m trying to eat extra protein for my bones.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your You Tube videos, I battle with a lot of lower back pain.
    I’m tall – 6ft5 and I struggle with my back. I am a graphic designer
    so I’m working at the computer most of the day. I also get a lot of
    tension and back pain in my higher back (Infraspinatrus).
    I was really dumb and picked up a washing machine on my own
    two weeks ago and injured my lower back. Going for Physio today.

    Hey I noticed you don’t seem to have a logo. Please feel free to contact me
    I will be happy to create one for you at a reasonable price. Just pop me an email
    and we can chat.

    Best Regards, and keep it up!

  17. I also suffer from migraine headaches and I find there’s a link between migraines and back and neck tension.
    So your stuff helps!!! Thanks a million.

  18. really helped my lower back pain,it disappeared. thanks so much, please email me with news and updates. thank you, jonathan burch

  19. Hello: I just signed up for “Reverse CPS Now”. I like the videos I have viewed.. They make sense and your instructions are explained very well. I also like your relaxed tone of voice. Your voice is very encouraging.

    Even though the exercises are difficult for me right now, your voice, movements and explanation of the movements make me feel the exercises were doable. I am 73 years old, overweight and very stiff. I have a tear in the lateral meniscus of my right knee (is this the same as a tear in the cartilage?) and am hesitant about sitting/getting up from the floor and crossing my knees when I sit on the floor or bed.

    What is your opinion of the Sit/Rise exercise (without hands) for someone in my condition? I realize that you cannot give medical advice, but I would just like to hear your opinion on the SRT that is talked about very much now.

    I am going to do the “Reverse CPS Now”. It sounds like I could use this as a start to get my mental, nervous system and body in line with each other. Do you send out e-mails to people that have signed up for this procedure? Thank you for the videos. I found them very practical and real. Mary

    • No need to attempt the sit to rise with no support for someone in your condition. Pushing off with a hand and knee is perfectly fine. Yes, when you sign up for the fundamentals here on the blog or for the paid course you get follow up emails to keep you motivated and moving forward.

  20. Dear Dr Steve,

    Greetings; I am a lower leg amputee in fairly good shape.

    I watched you vidoe of getting up from the ground but omitted to show what stoodas a back up, s urdy chair or a wheeelchair.

    My problem caused from fear more than anthing else, is HOW DO I GET DOWN TO THE FLOOR FROM A WHEELCHIAR WITH MY PROSTHESIS.





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