Bathroom Forward Head Posture Fix

The Bathroom Guide to Forward Head Posture Correcion

Yes the bathroom is actually the perfect place to fix the infamous forward head posture. You’re in there all the time. You use the same movements and posture every time. And using “environmental triggers” like going to bathroom is a proven way to break and create new habits. So I made a new video at the park to make sure…

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Forward Head Posture Correction

Forward Head Posture Correction – 2 Key Elements For A Natural and Unforced Fix

Since I announced “Fix Your Forward Head 30-Day Challenge”, I’ve been getting some interesting emails from people wondering if it’s “too late” to even try fixing long time posture problems. So wanted to share with you what I shared with these fine folks who were asking the question. If you missed the announcement about the FYFHP Challenge, you can learn all about it…

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sciatica disc test

3 Lessons for Releasing Stress, Solving Sciatica, and Healing Your Gut

After a couple months of hibernation and contemplation, I”m back outside at Vissing park this weekend sharing some solid strategies for pain relief, stress relief, and a healthy gut. Here’s want to expect: The “Mindset” Piece… This morning I treated a patient with a headache of several days duration from neck and shoulder tension that was driven by some deep mental /…

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exercises for knee pain

Important Exercises For Knee Pain. OR…Is It Just All In Your Head?

As I was walking through the walnut grove at Perrin Park this morning being VERY strategic about my foot to hip connection to rehabilitate my knee, I thought I would share some keys for healthy knees with you. [spacer height=”20px”] So these are a few fundamentals and couple of short stories about how to keep your knees from getting damaged…

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Ball chair fail and a better way to do the “doorway stretch”

This past Tuesday I talked to a group of 75 dentists for their continuing education about crossed posture and the 3 pillars of Core Wellness. I recorded it for you pulled out a couple of short clips with good “take homes”about ball chairs and the “doorway” chest stretch.   So many people do both of these things…use balls as chairs and…

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How To Stretch Your Pecs and Reverse Your Biological Age

There’s something about being barefoot in my lettuce patch that allows good content to flow for you. Today is a full “3 Pillars” episode of Core Wellness TV from the fall garden where you’ll discover… The future of dentistry and fixing jaw problems (and what I’m going to reveal to 80 or so dentists in November.) The most common mistake to…

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The “New Rules of Core Training” Hike Through The Woods

2 Common Movement Mistakes That Cause Neck and Back Pain

As I was rolling some thick primer onto our concrete block garage to create a new set / backdrop for future videos, I found myself making a couple of movement mistakes that were leading to some overload in my neck, shoulder, and back. So I had Rebecca grab the camera real quick to go over the mistakes and how to fix…

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