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Risk and Independence at Hemlock Cliffs

The Risk Factor For True Independence (From Hemlock Cliffs)

Well, we came back with a few scrapes but we all made it back in one piece from our Independence Day adventure at Hemlock Cliffs here in Southern Indiana. All the steep cliffs and slippery rocks certainly posed a risk to the boys and I who went off the beaten path a bit, and Benjamin (our 17 year old) came away with…

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heavy walker

Surprisingly Simple Core Activation Trick – Are You A “Noisy Walker”?

I’ve been meaning to share this interesting core activation trick with you for a while. You’re going to love the simplicity and be surprised at how it makes you automatically engage your core in a natural, reflexive way. All you need is some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds or a quiet room with hardwood floors. Also…I believe it’s the first…

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plant lettuce seeds and chickweed benefits

GardenCast – Posture Lessons From Lettuce Seeds, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, and Chickweed Benefits

Core Wellness GardenCast Lessons including… – key postures to use while gardening to save your spine – how to plant lettuce seed (and how save a ton on buying seeds) – how to identify and harvest chickweed – health benefits of chickweed – the #1 KEY to reducing inflammation Enjoy and share!

Use your core to lift properly

Core lifting tutorial for back pain (lifting with your legs myth?)

As you can imagine…I get a LOT of questions about back pain and what to do about it. And to be honest, more than half the time it’s the same general theme. Move your hips better and brace like a baby…especially when you lift. So…amazingly…on the exact same place Abraham Lincoln grew up from the age of 7 to 21, by…

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Abdominal Hollowing vs Abdominal Bracing Lesson from trees

Core Training Lessons From A Tree – Hollow or Brace?

When it comes to core stability there’s 2 main camps… Abdominal Hollowing (pull your belly button to your spine) and the Abdominal Bracing camp (increase intra-abdominal pressure 360 degrees). So today we head to the forest to let two beautiful trees teach us about core stability.  And I’ll let you decide which camp you’re in.  Enjoy

Deep Hip Exercise Barefoot

Deep Hip Awareness Exercise, Barefoot Training, and “Nature as Teacher” Tours

I just can’t help myself. Anytime I get out on a trail and kick my shoes off, I can’t stop myself from talking about hip health. Finding your deep hip muscles is critical to get nice, balanced “centration” and help you make space in the joint and send a message of calm to all the tense “outer” muscles around the…

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exercises for compression fracture

2 Simple Band Exercises For Spinal Compression Fractures

Greetings from the Culpepper farm in Missouri! Spring break gave us a chance to visit Rebecca’s parents and give some rehab and nutrition strategies to her Dad for his recent spinal compression fracture. So you know me, I headed up river to share with you what I shared with him. And a simple green thera-band is all you need. Keep grounding…

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