The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise (Part 2) and Getting Up Off The Floor

2 Big Things To Talk About In Today's Episode Of Core Wellness TV!

FIRST:  An Exciting Announcement:

As you'll see, I'm standing along the beautiful Current River in Missouri during this episode.  And as you'll discover when you watch the announcement, I'm finally overcoming my resistance to doing live events on the road.

So if you like the way I explain movement, posture, and wellness and would like to host a live event in your part of the country (yes, we will keep in the U.S. the first time around!) then shoot me an email at  

This is just to gather interest.  We will talk more about details when we connect.

If you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, MD, DO, nurse practitioner, naturopath, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, rolfer, or other type of bodyworker, and you would like to share what I teach with your patients or clients, that would be the perfect fit.

OR…if you have an active group or association that would like have a live exeperience using the Core Wellness Institute methods for pain free, strain free living, that would work, too!

Again…just send me and email at and we'll get the discussion rolling!

SECOND:  An Important shoulder and core exercise that you may be tempted to pass over because it looks too simple.  But it's ALL about the DETAILS on this one.  (Especially when I talk about the "Hand Pillars" and  "The Magic Moment") 

Although I present this shoulder and core "Push Away Lean" exercise as an important "remedial" move for people who have lost the strength and stability to get up and down off the floor easily, EVERYONE needs to try it.

This really hit home during baseball practice last night (I'm coaching a 13, 14, and 15 year old team this year) that over half of these young teen athletes needed this simple "peel back" instruction to understand how to stabilize their shoulders and core!

Enjoy today's episode and if you know someone who would benefit from this free training please share using the share bar at the bottom of this post and of course, hit the facebook "Like" button below!

Other resources mentioned in today's episode:

-The Sit To Rise Test

-The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise That Fixes The #1 Cause Of Shoulder Pain


“The Creep” New Neck and Shoulder Core Exercise For Better Posture, Less Pain, and More Energy – Plus Anti-Aging Garden Nutrition

Today I'm in the garden again with a 3 wheeled lawnmower and a cool "organic" way to create perfect posture in your neck and shoulders for less pain and more energy.
The exercise goes back to the way you "creeped" as an infant so it's pretty unique and it falls right in line with true, authentic, organic functional training.
I also share 2 great colorful foods picked straight from the garden that package up the sunshine and reverse inflammation and cellular aging process.
Enjoy and leave me any questions or comments below!

The Best Posture Correction Exercise – “The Pubic Bone Secret” For Organic Posture

This is my #1 posture tip that accesses and automatically "re-awakens" the deeply embedded perfect posture programs you were born with.

It is truly powerful and I know it will help you "re-program" your posture (that's all it really is, by the way…a program like in a computer). 

Combine your pubic bone connection with the simple doorway reminder I share toward the end of the video and you are on your way! 

There's lots more like this in the full Core Wellness Coaching Course if you want to dig deeper!

Enjoy and let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions, OK?



Ultimate Test For Your True Core, Blocking Pain With Your Brain, and Herbal Aspirin

(There are a few bursts of wind that affect the sound, but they pass :-)

Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode:


"The Drug Cabinet In The Brain" - Video by David Butler P.T. on the power of your brain to send out morphine like pain killers




Inflavonoid Intensive Care – combination of Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins designed to reduce inflammation (available through the online store HERE





Reverse CPS Now! Free Video Series to test your core and detect and eliminate Crossed Posture Syndrome




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Simple Exercise For Tight Neck and Shoulders, Life Saving Fats, And A Mental Feel Good Switch

What if I said you could focus on just ONE THING and automatically release tension and the "uptight" feeling in your neck and shoulders?

Learning about the European "grounding" technique I demonstrate in today's episode changed the way I teach core stability and has impacted hundreds of my private clients but now I want to share it with you!

And of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Core Welllness TV without the Mindset and Nutrition pieces so…

In the mindset piece I share a simple "re-frame" of the phrase "I have to…" to one that automatically switches your mindset and automatically opens your posture…with just a thought.  Powerful.

I learned if from Denise Taylor and I will be on her radio show tomorrow morning, Friday, Nov. 30th, at 10:35 Eastern U.S. time on
You can listen online through the link above.  So I hope you can tune in!

Denise has an inspiring story and wonderful message.  Please visit her website at

The nutrition piece is a life saver…literally. 

I show (and eat) the specific fat (that most people are grossly deficient in) that makes your tissues more flexible and reduces your risk of muscle strains, heart attacks, and abdominal aortic aneurism. (first sign is sudden death in most cases…no thanks!)
So click below now to watch the video and then leave a comment letting me know how you plan to incorporate these new insights in your life.
And if you want to be the first to know when I release new "Core Nutrition" training products and get instant access to a FREE "Weight Loss Through Hormone Balance" audio training program just enter your name and email in the form below!

Keep thinking good thoughts, eating good food, and KEEP MOVING!
Dr. Steve

Also talked about in this episode…"Why do plants with high omega 3 fat content survive in the cold freezing temperature?  And what does it have to do with keeping YOUR cells healthy, resilient, and young?  Watch the video below!


My Daily Routine For Hip and Back Health…Listening To The Drovers

I absolutely LOVE doing this piece of my daily routine.  It combines hip stretching, balance, coordination, strength, and agility.  It's also a very important move to do if you have lower crossed syndrome or you sit a lot.

I realize that many people will have knee or foot or hip issues or other things that may keep you from performing this series as shown.  You can adapt the movement by not dipping down as far as I do into the lunge and squat movements.

And it was a total Drovers morning for me.  I usually listen to a podcast or something educational but today I was driven by the Drovers so I decided to let you hear what I was hearing as I was doing the movement series.

It's extremely useful for improving coordination because it mimics the "contralateral" infant develop pattern as learned from Voita, Kolar, et al. in Eastern Europe that connects the right and left sides of your brain!

Pay close attention to the text cues on the screen because they point out the "little hinges" that swing big doors!

This also uses the power of "eidetic perception" or the ability to use imagery and this "Intention" is everything when you are attempting to activate you deep core stability system.

The Imagination and Intention of your movement is arguably even more important than the movement itself.

Let me know what you think of this important movement in the comments.  Were you able to do it?  What kept you from doing it?  Balance?  Strength?  Knee pain?  Toe inflexibility?  LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW NOW!