Abdominal Hollowing vs Abdominal Bracing Lesson from trees

Core Training Lessons From A Tree – Hollow or Brace?

When it comes to core stability there’s 2 main camps… Abdominal Hollowing (pull your belly button to your spine) and the Abdominal Bracing camp (increase intra-abdominal pressure 360 degrees). So today we head to the forest to let two beautiful trees teach us about core stability.  And I’ll let you decide which camp you’re in.  Enjoy

Deep Hip Exercise Barefoot

Deep Hip Awareness Exercise, Barefoot Training, and “Nature as Teacher” Tours

I just can’t help myself. Anytime I get out on a trail and kick my shoes off, I can’t stop myself from talking about hip health. Finding your deep hip muscles is critical to get nice, balanced “centration” and help you make space in the joint and send a message of calm to all the tense “outer” muscles around the…

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Core Stability “Training Wheels” (tips for discovering your “back support zone”)

It’s extremely easy to lose connection with your original core support you developed as an infant. As stress builds throughout your life, your body tends to “close down” and go into “protection mode”. And alarmingly, 1/3 of us humans have some version of a “closed down” or “crossed posture” syndrome by the time we get through our formative first 4…

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The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise (Part 2) and Getting Up Off The Floor

2 Big Things To Talk About In Today's Episode Of Core Wellness TV! FIRST:  An Exciting Announcement: As you'll see, I'm standing along the beautiful Current River in Missouri during this episode.  And as you'll discover when you watch the announcement, I'm finally overcoming my resistance to doing live events on the road. So if you like the way I explain movement, posture,…

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“The Creep” New Neck and Shoulder Core Exercise For Better Posture, Less Pain, and More Energy – Plus Anti-Aging Garden Nutrition

Today I'm in the garden again with a 3 wheeled lawnmower and a cool "organic" way to create perfect posture in your neck and shoulders for less pain and more energy.   The exercise goes back to the way you "creeped" as an infant so it's pretty unique and it falls right in line with true, authentic, organic functional training….

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The Best Posture Correction Exercise – “The Pubic Bone Secret” For Organic Posture

This is my #1 posture tip that accesses and automatically “re-awakens” the deeply embedded perfect posture programs you were born with. It is truly powerful and I know it will help you “re-program” your posture (that’s all it really is, by the way…a program like in a computer).  Combine your pubic bone connection with the simple doorway reminder I share…

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Ultimate Test For Your True Core, Blocking Pain With Your Brain, and Herbal Aspirin

(There are a few bursts of wind that affect the sound, but they pass 🙂 Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:   “The Drug Cabinet In The Brain” – Video by David Butler P.T. on the power of your brain to send out morphine like pain killers       Inflavonoid Intensive Care – combination of Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins designed…

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Simple Exercise For Tight Neck and Shoulders, Life Saving Fats, And A Mental Feel Good Switch

What if I said you could focus on just ONE THING and automatically release tension and the "uptight" feeling in your neck and shoulders? Learning about the European "grounding" technique I demonstrate in today's episode changed the way I teach core stability and has impacted hundreds of my private clients but now I want to share it with you! And…

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