Use your core to lift properly

Core lifting tutorial for back pain (lifting with your legs myth?)

As you can imagine…I get a LOT of questions about back pain and what to do about it. And to be honest, more than half the time it’s the same general theme. Move your hips better and brace like a baby…especially when you lift. So…amazingly…on the exact same place Abraham Lincoln grew up from the age of 7 to 21, by…

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Abdominal Hollowing vs Abdominal Bracing Lesson from trees

Core Training Lessons From A Tree – Hollow or Brace?

When it comes to core stability there’s 2 main camps… Abdominal Hollowing (pull your belly button to your spine) and the Abdominal Bracing camp (increase intra-abdominal pressure 360 degrees). So today we head to the forest to let two beautiful trees teach us about core stability.  And I’ll let you decide which camp you’re in.  Enjoy

How to “Trick” Your Core Into Action For Energizing New Stabilty

This little trick that I call "Stick The Landing" in the "Reverse CPS Now!" Home Training Course will let you know real quick if you've developed what I call "Deep Core Amnesia". It's a great little self test and like a lot of tests…it's also an exercise you can do to develop better awareness of your center! Also…Enjoy the short…

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Core Training Secrets From Prague – Part 2 “The Core of the Core”

The key concept from the new paradigm of posture and core training from Prague unfortunately kind of kicks Pilates in the teeth…YIKES! Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pilates for it’s emphasis on “lengthening out” into good posture.  But in this video you’ll learn the critical difference in the way you should switch on the “core of your core”. And it has nothing to do with “pulling your belly button…

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Core Training Secrets From Prague – Part One

After an amazing 3 day course in Phoenix learning from a core stability genius in Dr. Pavel Kolar from Prague, I can now definitely say that most classic exercises you do in gyms and fitness classes have it all wrong and are actually creating a lot of damage. Over the next week I'll be releasing a series of videos that reveal the amazing new breakthrough concepts from Prague…

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Computer Posture – Part 3: How to Use an Exercise Ball Chair and Create a Standing Desk…Plus “Ball Surfing”!

What’s the best way to avoid chronic pain and strain from sitting in a chair all the time? GET RID OF IT!! The tips in the video above will hopefully give you some ideas as to how to make your computer or work station environment more ACTIVE! Lots of people are starting to use exercise balls chairs but if you…

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How To Lift and Carry A Child (or anything else)…SAFELY!

A few episodes back I got some good suggestions for future videos and today I respond to Maggie May who wanted to know the best way to lift and carry a child. Young mothers (and fathers, and grandparents) should ALL watch this video so if you know anyone who’s regularly lifting a child (or anything else for that matter) everyday…share…

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Back Saving Snow Shoveling Advice – Part II

Pay really close attention to this video because it helps you avoid  the most toxic movement program ever…”The lift and twist” with a flexed or “rounded” spine. Snow shoveling is a classic example of a disc blowing maneuver that can put you on the road to be grumpy, disabled, and eventually a burden to everyone around you!!!  AND NOBODY WANTS THAT! Remember…The…

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