7 Raw Food Lessons Learned From Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch

As many of you may know, Core Wellness and the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup Group hosted 100% raw food authors and celebrities for a 4 hour "Raw Food Transformation" talk this past Saturday.

We also hosted Matt and Angela in our home for 3 nights and got to be on their "The Raw Food World TV Show" 2 days in a row!  I've posted the episodes below for your entertainment and education!


Only 1 or 2 of the 53 health seekers in attendance were close to 100% raw and most were there to investigate this philosophy as a way to reverse disease, lose weight, and reach a higher level of health consciousness.

And although I've thrown myself into learning as much as I can about the healing benefits of raw food and I had read Matt's "Raw Spirit" book, I still came away with some AWESOME take homes…

Here they are….

1. It's not about going 100% right off the bat…unless you are under life threatening circumstances you should do what you can do successfully, even if that is simply cutting out enriched flour products and refined sugar and adding in a green smoothies every day. 

2. The biggest health improvements come from not what you ADD but what you ELIMINATE COMPLETELY!  e.g. white flour products, sugar, and factory farm animal products.

3. Never get into a bath with a dog that has canine scabies!!!! (what a story that was!)

4. From Angela:  Tip on transitioning – Make everything you eat that's sweet from this day forth RAW (fruit, honey, agave, chocolate, etc.)

5.  From Angela:  BE THE CHANGE and lead by your own actions without pushing your ideas on anyone who doesn't want to hear about it.  When people ask you a question about raw food, answer only THAT question without going on a long diatribe where you overwhelm and therefore, totally lose them.  Let them be their OWN change!

6. You CAN rejuvenate a "non functioning" or "underfunctioning" thyroid.  Angela did it…(as well as losing over 150 lbs!) now thyroid numbers are normal WITHOUT medication.


PLUS…My observation of them while staying at home…They Work HARDthey stay focused on their mission

It was an inspiration for me to more CLEARLY develop and communicate the Core Wellness mission, which which led to the new "Crossed Posture Syndrome" clickable picture on the right of this page. 

You MUST become aware of this stress induced muscle imbalance and learn how to reverse it or pay the painful consequences sooner or later!  My mission is to bring some much needed pain relief and inner calm to your body by making you aware of this damaging stress induced posture pattern and give you the fundamentals on how to correct it!

I'm so grateful that Matt contacted me to make this experience happen and look forward to learning and teaching more about the scientific reasons why raw food and a predominantly plant based conscious diet can transform cellular health and take your body back in time!

More raw resources are on the site HERE!


Dr. Steve

Internationally Renowned Raw Food Diet Gurus Visit Louisville Area

Raw Food Diet Louisville Resource


Core Wellness and the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup Group Welcomes America’s Favorite Raw Food Couple, Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch For An Afternoon of Health Transforming Stories, Inspiration, And Motivation To Incoporate More RAW LIVING Energizing Food Into Your Lifestyle!

Get To Know Matt and Angela With The 2 Videos Below!

(More Info on Raw Food and The Upcoming Oct.24th Event Below)


After witnessing "the impossible" at a holistic cancer clinic in Mesa, Arizona while visiting my snowbirding parents early last spring,(see scenic video and photo here) my eyes were opened to the amazing healing power of a raw, living food diet.

No, since then I haven’t been forcing raw veganism on my clients and students BUT it did inspire me to organize the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup Group this past March.  And now we’re growing every week and currently have 58 raw food advocate members and our potlucks, food demos, and educational meetup have been a BLAST!  (to join our meetup group, CLICK HERE)

Since I’m the area meetup organizer, Matt contacted me last month and said he and Angela are traveling through the Louisville area in October so we’ve set them up for an afternoon of eduction, motivation, and inspiration to help you learn how to incorporate more vibrant, energizing food into your life.

To get the details, registration info, and links to Matt and Angela’s websites and their online Raw Food World store CLICK HERE

Also, make sure you visit the RAW FOOD page here at the website for a FREE sprouting guide and more resources for the raw food lifestyle.

Keep learning, keep taking action, and KEEP MAKING THE REVOLUTION!