Simple Exercise For Tight Neck and Shoulders, Life Saving Fats, And A Mental Feel Good Switch

What if I said you could focus on just ONE THING and automatically release tension and the "uptight" feeling in your neck and shoulders?

Learning about the European "grounding" technique I demonstrate in today's episode changed the way I teach core stability and has impacted hundreds of my private clients but now I want to share it with you!

And of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Core Welllness TV without the Mindset and Nutrition pieces so…

In the mindset piece I share a simple "re-frame" of the phrase "I have to…" to one that automatically switches your mindset and automatically opens your posture…with just a thought.  Powerful.

I learned if from Denise Taylor and I will be on her radio show tomorrow morning, Friday, Nov. 30th, at 10:35 Eastern U.S. time on
You can listen online through the link above.  So I hope you can tune in!

Denise has an inspiring story and wonderful message.  Please visit her website at

The nutrition piece is a life saver…literally. 

I show (and eat) the specific fat (that most people are grossly deficient in) that makes your tissues more flexible and reduces your risk of muscle strains, heart attacks, and abdominal aortic aneurism. (first sign is sudden death in most cases…no thanks!)
So click below now to watch the video and then leave a comment letting me know how you plan to incorporate these new insights in your life.
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Keep thinking good thoughts, eating good food, and KEEP MOVING!
Dr. Steve

Also talked about in this episode…"Why do plants with high omega 3 fat content survive in the cold freezing temperature?  And what does it have to do with keeping YOUR cells healthy, resilient, and young?  Watch the video below!


Grounding For Mental Clarity, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, How Many People Have Crossed Posture Syndrome?

Lessons From Spring PeepersSince I had 3 of my websites go down this past weekend (they tell me I was "hacked" but I'll never know for sure), I got all "spun up" into a sugar burning, carb craving, poor sleep quality state of health.

So to balance my body, mind, and spirit, I headed to the park for a trail run/walk.  The clarity was immediate so I decided to share what was on my mind.

Today is a "3 Pillars of Core Wellness" Episode:

Mindset - How to use nature to reduce stress and create mental clarity plus words of wisdom from Joseph Campbell about risk and  following your bliss.

Nutrition - Learn which foods trigger inflammation and how to get it under control so you don't end up living with pain, fatigue, and degenerative disease

Movement - Learn the reason why a full 1/3 of people have a higher chance of developing strain and pain from Crossed Posture Syndrome.

BONUS:  Big lesson from the spring peepers!  Why stress keeps you from fully expressing yourself and your true potential and what to do about it.


How To Release The 3 Key Blockages To Organic Posture

There was such a great response to the first video we did in West Virginia on "organic posture", that I thought I would give you some more insight on how to feel the "lightness" and "spring" that it creates!  

Enjoy the video and let me know how you feel about this new concept in the comments below! 

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The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Alkaline Foods On Earth! (GardenCast)

In addition to being one of my favorite things in the world to do, gardening in cool weather makes the most powerful foods on the planet! GREENS!!!

My mantra to all my clients and students is "More Green, Less Grain" because the bottom line is this…green food by its very nature is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY!

You CAN heal from serious degenerative disease as well as get rid of allergies, asthma, chronic pain, fatigue, colds, flu, bronchitis, and just about any dis-ease known to human kind with this powerful stuff!

Humor me and yourself for a week or so and eliminate all grains from your diet and replace those calories with a dark green leafy salad (NO ICEBERG, OK?).

Get some mixed greens and some romaine and go to town!

Another way to flood your cells with these intense anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory alkaline nutrients is to juice them or put them in a green smoothie.

Here's a quick recipe even your kids will like!

  • 1 large green apple
  • 5 to 10 pineapple chunks
  • BIG bunch of Kale or Spinach or mix of both
  • half an avocado
  • half a lemon
  • 4 OR 5 ice cubes
  • fill with water to just about the top Blend THOROUGHLY!

Drink up and feel the POWER!!!! As your palate develops to really enjoy the taste of green food, you can cut back on the sweet stuff to lower the insulin response and you'll be AMAZED at the increased energy and vitality you feel!

Try it and let me know how you do by leaving a comment below!

See you next time!

Dr. Steve

“No Shots” 6-Step Immune Optimizer Plan

    6 Step Immune System Optimizer Plan

I got an interesting email from my sister last night about a relatively new allergy  treatment (below) got me thinking about some awesome natural strategies that you can do to optimize your immune system for the "Cold, Flu, and Allergy Season" that lies ahead.

If you start these now and you'll be ahead of the game and reduce the worry and frustration of having sickness run through your family this fall.
Here's Susan's email and my response…
Steve- Have you heard of anyone ever using sublingual immunotherapy to treat allergies? I have a friend who has done research on it for her boys who have allergies to wheat, dairy, and others, and she wanted me to ask you if you are familiar with it or have any comments towards its use. -Susan
Hey Susan,
I don't have any direct experience since it's not considered "natural"  but after some research it seems like a better option than traveling to the eent's office for shots all the time.
BUT it's still an "outside in" fix.
The BEST "inside out" fix to build your buffer against
allergies and any other immune system imbalances is:
1. Balancing omega 6 to omega 3 ratio (fish oil supps, and no grain…soak/sprout your nuts seeds to increase omega 3 content)
2. Lots of green and other colorful vegetables (green smoothies and more salads are a great starting point)
3. No wheat, dairy, sugar, or any factory farm animal products (wheat and dairy are the most common food allergens that increase your immune system load, sugar depresses immune activity, and factory farm animal products are fed grain and create massive inflammation, not to mention the concentrated dose of hormones and antibiotics.
4. A quality probiotic supplement (careful here…these are good bugs and must be alive to do any good.  Lots are dead on arrival to the store shelf and do you no good. call company  to make sure the strain has been tested for acid and bile tolerance and cell adherence.  we use ultra flora plus from Metagenics )
5. Bodywork to reduce the "high tone" physical stress and spinal congestion ,especially in the neck and upper back (recently just this alone reduced allergy symptoms in one of my clients to virtually nothing in just a few weeks)
6. Make use of the HUGE body of knowledge that proves that your immune system is a direct reflection of your "state of mind"    (psychoneuroimmunology).  Quieting the "worried ego mind" and replacing it with feeling gratitude in the present moment is a surefire prescription for improved immune system function.
I go much deeper into all of this with the "Immune Optimizer Plan".  This audio program is now available for purchase online along with notes, diet guide, diagrams, etc.
Please pass this on.  You don't have to live with allergies or be a slave to shots, nose drops, and anti-biotics your whole life.
Just what's in this email should take care of a good 75% or more of all allergies plus it will provide you with a "natural flu shot" on the side!
But it has to actually be IMPLEMENTED!  (and there enlies the rub)
Dr. Steve 

P.S.  I also LOVE the XCLEAR natural nasal spray.  It's basically a saline wash spiked with xylitol which acts like a "detergent" in your sinuses…the allergens, and pathogens just slide off the slippery surface so they can't take hold and throw your immune system out of balance.  GREAT for your "natural medicine cabinet"

Omega 3 Fats For Pain Relief, Weight Loss, And MUCH More!

               Omega 3's Come From GREEN FOOD!

Green Food Is Where Omega 3's Come From!

It seems every time I do a seminar and talk about nutrition, the whole concept of omega 3 fats brings up a lot of questions and comments.

So today I’m going to give you my take on the benefits of omega 3 fats when it comes to dropping pounds and doing it in a pain free way.

Heres’ the bottom line.  Most Omega 3’s come originally from living GREEN FOOD and most Omega 6’s come predominately from the seeds of these living green foods called GRAIN!

So…here’s a question…How do you fatten a steer?  GRAIN!  That’ll get you a nice big, juicy, corn fed, marbled, inflammation bomb!

So then…what makes a leaner (and healthier) animal?  GRASS!!  That’s right…even grass fed beef is high in omega 3 fats.  So it’s grass fed all the way if you choose to eat animal products.

And by the way…are YOU an animal and do you think YOU could become a “marbled” inflammation bomb by eating too much grain?  Hmmmm…

And when you’re ready to kick your health and vitality up even another notch, you can just get ALL your anti-inflammatory, fat burning omega 3’s directly from GREEN FOOD instead of dealing with the meat at all!

You’ve got to eat a whole lot more of it to get the same amount of good omega 3’s you’d get from a wild salmon or grass fed steak but the bonus here is that you’ll be getting a ton of

  • fiber,
  • anti-oxidants,
  • highly absorbable minerals,
  • and electrical ENERGY that comes directly from the sun that you lose when you cook the meat (and if you cook the plant, too, for that matter)

(Yet another nod for the raw food diet!)

And when you eat with a “green not grain” intention, you’ll also be reducing your insulin levels which will tell your body to start burning fat instead of STORING fat!

So get ready to be amazed at how your fat (and especially your belly fat) starts melting away not to mention all the other “side benefits” of increasing intake omega 3 fats from plants like:

-pain relief

-lower blood pressure

-better skin and hair

-depression lifting

-clarity of thought

-better FOCUS (yes, it’s a MUST for ADHD!)

-better memory

-lower cholesterol and triglycerides

-better blood sugar balance

-and so, so, so much more!

So it’s GRASSES and GREENS…NOT GRAINS that keep you lean and vital.  Choose local first and get it organic if possible and better yet…GROW YOUR OWN!

I’ll be back with Part 3 in a few days revealing key strategies to reduce levels of the most infamous hormone in human physiology that packs on belly fat, eats away at your lean muscle mass, and keeps you in “fat production” mode no matter what you do!

And a QUESTION for you…How are you getting YOUR Omega 3’s?  Leave a comment here on the blog!


Dr Hoffman

P.S.  I’ve got a 10 minute video for you that explains this whole Omega 6 to Omega 3 fat balance thing in more detail that I took from one of our introductory mini boot camps.  I was going to post it today but my power cord to my external hard drive went defunct and I can’t access my video.  So stay tuned for that in a couple of days…it is THE most important nutrition concept that, once you understand it, can totally transform your nutritional health.