GardenCast – What REALLY Causes Aging?

In this GardenCast, you’ll¬†discover the the amazing truth about WHY your genes are NOT to blame for ill health!¬† Plus you’ll also learn: how dehydration causes aging exactly what to change if you want to take control of your health how to get more pain relieving, disease preventing omega 3 fats into your diet ENJOY!

The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Alkaline Foods On Earth! (GardenCast)

In addition to being one of my favorite things in the world to do, gardening in cool weather makes the most powerful foods on the planet! GREENS!!! My mantra to all my clients and students is "More Green, Less Grain" because the bottom line is this…green food by its very nature is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY! You CAN heal from serious degenerative disease…

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Omega 3 Fats For Pain Relief, Weight Loss, And MUCH More!

It seems every time I do a seminar and talk about nutrition, the whole concept of omega 3 fats brings up a lot of questions and comments. So today I’m going to give you my take on the benefits of omega 3 fats when it comes to dropping pounds and doing it in a pain free way. Heres’ the bottom…

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