Ultimate Earthing – Video Postcard From Santa Rosa Island

Greetings From The Gulf Of Mexico! Would you like to take a quick walk on the beach with me? (the bearded "beach bum" version of me anyway   It was an AWESOME week's vacation with my family on some amazing untouched white sand beaches at the Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as a very interesting history lesson since the…

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How To Stay Young and Vital (Lessons From Big Spring)

After an invigorating hike at Big Springs this morning I laid out 3 key elements (at least) for keeping your bodymind young and vital. The scenery is breathtaking and the video is shot just a few feet away from where Rebecca and I got married 13 years ago! I love you, babe! Enjoy and spend soak up some NATURE! It IS…

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GardenCast – What REALLY Causes Aging?

  In this GardenCast, you'll discover the the amazing truth about WHY your genes are NOT to blame for ill health!  Plus you'll also learn: how dehydration causes aging exactly what to change if you want to take control of your health how to get more pain relieving, disease preventing omega 3 fats into your diet ENJOY!  

The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Alkaline Foods On Earth! (GardenCast)

In addition to being one of my favorite things in the world to do, gardening in cool weather makes the most powerful foods on the planet! GREENS!!! My mantra to all my clients and students is "More Green, Less Grain" because the bottom line is this…green food by its very nature is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY! You CAN heal from serious degenerative disease…

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How To Get Kids To Eat Their Greens!

I am absolutely tickled to bring you this new video I created from the photos and video we took during our "Garden Classroom" experience this fall at our sons' school, Community Montessori. As you'll see, the kids got to help prepare the soil while we talked about how the compost we used is considered "vitamins for the plants" and that…

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7 Raw Food Lessons Learned From Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch

As many of you may know, Core Wellness and the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup Group hosted 100% raw food authors and celebrities for a 4 hour "Raw Food Transformation" talk this past Saturday. We also hosted Matt and Angela in our home for 3 nights and got to be on their "The Raw Food World TV Show" 2 days…

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