Ultimate Earthing – Video Postcard From Santa Rosa Island

Greetings From The Gulf Of Mexico!
Hoffman Family All Charged Up
Would you like to take a quick walk on the beach with me? (the bearded "beach bum" version of me anyway ;-)
It was an AWESOME week's vacation with my family on some amazing untouched white sand beaches at the Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as a very interesting history lesson since the island was the home of Fort Pickens.
I meant it just to be a quick hello and thank you for being part of the Core Wellness community but I couldn't pass up the "earthing" lesson about how you can protect your health with nature's anti-oxidants!
Enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment!  I always read them all and reply to as many as I can.
To the BEACH!

How To Stay Young and Vital (Lessons From Big Spring)

After an invigorating hike at Big Springs this morning I laid out 3 key elements (at least) for keeping your bodymind young and vital.

The scenery is breathtaking and the video is shot just a few feet away from where Rebecca and I got married 13 years ago!

I love you, babe!

Enjoy and spend soak up some NATURE! It IS the SECRET!

-Dr. Steve

GardenCast – What REALLY Causes Aging?


In this GardenCast, you'll discover the the amazing truth about WHY your genes are NOT to blame for ill health!  Plus you'll also learn:

  • how dehydration causes aging
  • exactly what to change if you want to take control of your health
  • how to get more pain relieving, disease preventing omega 3 fats into your diet



The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Alkaline Foods On Earth! (GardenCast)

In addition to being one of my favorite things in the world to do, gardening in cool weather makes the most powerful foods on the planet! GREENS!!!

My mantra to all my clients and students is "More Green, Less Grain" because the bottom line is this…green food by its very nature is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY!

You CAN heal from serious degenerative disease as well as get rid of allergies, asthma, chronic pain, fatigue, colds, flu, bronchitis, and just about any dis-ease known to human kind with this powerful stuff!

Humor me and yourself for a week or so and eliminate all grains from your diet and replace those calories with a dark green leafy salad (NO ICEBERG, OK?).

Get some mixed greens and some romaine and go to town!

Another way to flood your cells with these intense anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory alkaline nutrients is to juice them or put them in a green smoothie.

Here's a quick recipe even your kids will like!

  • 1 large green apple
  • 5 to 10 pineapple chunks
  • BIG bunch of Kale or Spinach or mix of both
  • half an avocado
  • half a lemon
  • 4 OR 5 ice cubes
  • fill with water to just about the top Blend THOROUGHLY!

Drink up and feel the POWER!!!! As your palate develops to really enjoy the taste of green food, you can cut back on the sweet stuff to lower the insulin response and you'll be AMAZED at the increased energy and vitality you feel!

Try it and let me know how you do by leaving a comment below!

See you next time!

Dr. Steve

How To Get Kids To Eat Their Greens!

I am absolutely tickled to bring you this new video I created from the photos and video we took during our "Garden Classroom" experience this fall at our sons' school, Community Montessori.

As you'll see, the kids got to help prepare the soil while we talked about how the compost we used is considered "vitamins for the plants" and that greens are special because they can grow in the fall and even far into winter! (because of high omega 3 content in their cell walls, but we didn't quite sink that one in!)

Also, we talked about biology in that plants need water, sun, and healthy soil to grow.

The compost feeding taught them that you don't have to use chemical fertilizers and also the importance of recycling plant matter!

A LOT of lessons here, eh?

They watched it grow for about 6 weeks and I returned for the harvest.  They were anxiously anticipating this day when they could EAT A SALAD from their OWN garden that THEY participated in!

(I brought some raw sunflower seeds to sprinkle and Annie's Goddess Dressing was a big hit!)

Imagine that, a child anxiously awaiting
the time when they could eat a salad.

THIS is learning and this is what education should be all about…LIFE SKILLS.  You won't find any of this on standardized tests but this lesson will stick FOREVER because it was a big EVENT and they all had EMOTIONAL connection to the process.  

Now it's hard wired into the neural circuits of their brain.

I can't wait to do more of this…I have certainly found a new passion!!

Enjoy the video and please share it with as many people as possible to spread the good word and teach the world how you can really get kids to eat their greens!!

7 Raw Food Lessons Learned From Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch

As many of you may know, Core Wellness and the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup Group hosted 100% raw food authors and celebrities for a 4 hour "Raw Food Transformation" talk this past Saturday.

We also hosted Matt and Angela in our home for 3 nights and got to be on their "The Raw Food World TV Show" 2 days in a row!  I've posted the episodes below for your entertainment and education!


Only 1 or 2 of the 53 health seekers in attendance were close to 100% raw and most were there to investigate this philosophy as a way to reverse disease, lose weight, and reach a higher level of health consciousness.

And although I've thrown myself into learning as much as I can about the healing benefits of raw food and I had read Matt's "Raw Spirit" book, I still came away with some AWESOME take homes…

Here they are….

1. It's not about going 100% right off the bat…unless you are under life threatening circumstances you should do what you can do successfully, even if that is simply cutting out enriched flour products and refined sugar and adding in a green smoothies every day. 

2. The biggest health improvements come from not what you ADD but what you ELIMINATE COMPLETELY!  e.g. white flour products, sugar, and factory farm animal products.

3. Never get into a bath with a dog that has canine scabies!!!! (what a story that was!)

4. From Angela:  Tip on transitioning – Make everything you eat that's sweet from this day forth RAW (fruit, honey, agave, chocolate, etc.)

5.  From Angela:  BE THE CHANGE and lead by your own actions without pushing your ideas on anyone who doesn't want to hear about it.  When people ask you a question about raw food, answer only THAT question without going on a long diatribe where you overwhelm and therefore, totally lose them.  Let them be their OWN change!

6. You CAN rejuvenate a "non functioning" or "underfunctioning" thyroid.  Angela did it…(as well as losing over 150 lbs!) now thyroid numbers are normal WITHOUT medication.


PLUS…My observation of them while staying at home…They Work HARDthey stay focused on their mission

It was an inspiration for me to more CLEARLY develop and communicate the Core Wellness mission, which which led to the new "Crossed Posture Syndrome" clickable picture on the right of this page. 

You MUST become aware of this stress induced muscle imbalance and learn how to reverse it or pay the painful consequences sooner or later!  My mission is to bring some much needed pain relief and inner calm to your body by making you aware of this damaging stress induced posture pattern and give you the fundamentals on how to correct it!

I'm so grateful that Matt contacted me to make this experience happen and look forward to learning and teaching more about the scientific reasons why raw food and a predominantly plant based conscious diet can transform cellular health and take your body back in time!

More raw resources are on the site HERE!


Dr. Steve