Deep Hip Awareness Exercise, Barefoot Training, and “Nature as Teacher” Tours

Deep Hip Exercise Barefoot

Deep Hip Awareness Barefoot Exercise (Video Below!)

I just can’t help myself.

Anytime I get out on a trail and kick my shoes off, I can’t stop myself from talking about hip health.

Finding your deep hip muscles is critical to get nice, balanced “centration” and help you make space in the joint and send a message of calm to all the tense “outer” muscles around the hip like your groin and piriformis.

And what better way than barefoot?

As I mention in today’s episode (below) from a rock face at Charlestown State Park, getting the information from the ground to your hips is best done through bare feet!

Lots of gems in this one today…including an all natural way to instantly calm tense muscles and reduce stress hormones in your body…pretty cool.

See you at the park!




  1. This really works. My hip has been bothering me for weeks. I’ve been stretching out piraformis and groin muscles but this helped immediately. Thanks, dr. Steve.

  2. Thank you. My dance for Parkinson’s does an exercise seated where you reach in one direction and lift the opposite hip off the seat a little bit. Am I activating my inner muscle and ligaments to put space between my hip bone . This movement seems to help with posture.

    I still have pain I In my lower back and Hip joint . I’m less flexible turning and reaching down toward the right.
    Doing a small pliƩ as in ballet seems to help.
    Thank you,

    • In order for it to work the way I show in this video you have to have a connection through your feet or your knees. You just need a push away point so you can send the spiral up to your hips.

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