Important Exercises For Knee Pain. OR…Is It Just All In Your Head?

As I was walking through the walnut grove at Perrin Park this morning being VERY strategic about my foot to hip connection to rehabilitate my knee, I thought I would share some keys for healthy knees with you.
So these are a few fundamentals and couple of short stories about how to keep your knees from getting damaged by poor posture, movement, and…yes..even thought patterns.
Join me in the walnut grove in the video episode above.
Keep moving,
Dr. Steve
P.S.  One of the stories today was from a new Core Wellness Institute student who just enrolled yesterday who found relief significant relief from his knee pain in only 3 days.
My favorite part about the training is that when you focus on fixing dysfunctional patterns of posture, movement, thought, and nutrition…pain relief becomes a nice “side benefit”



  1. Same here, stopped just as you were talking about going upstairs. I love your videos! Looking forward to seeing the rest 🙂

  2. Hello dr hoffman, I have winged scapula on my left shoulder. My left shoulder blade is lower and further away from the spine then my right. My physical therapist told me that it was because my left rhomboid is not working. He gave me an exercise where you lie on your stomach and push away with the inside of your elbows, (elbows at eye level when head is touching floor). Is it a good rhomboid isolation exercise? is there another rhomboid isolation exercise i could do?

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